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  1. KCASANJO594

    Solved My ZenWifi CT8 becomes unpingable and won't resolve...

    Self-solved. My VPN got overly-aggressive and started taking over all the 10.0.x.x addresses and routing them out for some reason.
  2. KCASANJO594

    Solved Wireless Amcrest camera dropping connection multiple times per day

    Interesting. I have an amcrest wireless camera that misbehaves similarly. I have a Synology that I use for NTP and I have NTP set to 10 minutes along with my non-Amcrest cameras. I wonder if this is the issue.
  3. KCASANJO594

    Solved My ZenWifi CT8 becomes unpingable and won't resolve...

    ...but it works fine. Internet service is good, lag-free. No complaints. No issues with certain devices, etc. The rest of my network is perfect...just not the thing that makes my network work. I rebooted using the app and it's still not good. I rebooted using the switch...still not pingable and...
  4. KCASANJO594

    iOS on ASUS CT8 Mesh

    I can't say the update brought me the overall stability I was looking for. I'm going to default my main, and re-establish my mesh network and see if that fixes things. The mesh units make updating the main unit a real PITA if you have to default things.
  5. KCASANJO594

    iOS on ASUS CT8 Mesh

    I just got notified of the new version and I'll update my 3-unit CT8 network tonight. Hoping for better stability overall!
  6. KCASANJO594

    Security camera functioning and performance with ASUS RT-AC88U

    I have a CT8 and an RP-AC55 as an AIMesh node and I have 3 wireless cameras (2 REOLinks and an Armcrest). They record to my Synology NAS. I provisioned 1 2.4ghz network just for the cameras and IoT devices. Works perfectly.
  7. KCASANJO594

    Zenwifi AC CT8 - Has anyone been able to downgrade the firmware

    :sigh: I was happy with my CT8-really happy-for the first month. Then their first pushed firmware update broke all the boutiquey features and I had to reset from factory reset. I get it when you manually upgrade and there's some kind of conflict in your settings, but auto-updates shouldn't be...