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    Release RT-AX88U New Firmware version (06 Oct 2021)

    Having issues with my TP-Link smart switches. They are connected to the 2.4ghz, but the TPlink app says "local only" next to them, and Alexa can't control them. I haven't tried factory reset and setting up the router from scratch yet.
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    Release ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    I had similar issues with trying to download recent updates to iOS 14.5 on my 7th Gen iPad and iPhone 8. They kept telling me I was on a metered connection, or not connected to the internet. I also saw some connection issues (slow downs, time outs, etc) on my Android devices (Note 20Ultra...
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    Asus AX880U and Comcast/Xfinity XB7 and 1.2Gbps internet?

    Short version... We had Comcast Voice and 1.0Gbps internet with their XB6 (in the basement) in bridge mode, using my AX88u router (in upstairs bedroom, connected via Cat6 cable modem). Comcast upgraded to 1.2Gbps (with their over provisioning it can be higher) which would be nice to have...
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    AX88u - 1st Gen FireTV Cube doesn't see 5G?

    Apparently the AX-88U was set with DFS channels enabled. Unchecking that, the Cube sees 5Ghz on the AX-88U. SO it looks like the 1st Gen Cube doesn't support DFS, where as my other devices (FireTV 4K Stick, Roku devices, tablets, phones, etc.) do.
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    AX88u - 1st Gen FireTV Cube doesn't see 5G?

    I replaced my Netgear R7800 with an Asus RT-AX88U router, and for some reason my two 1st Gen FireTV Cubes don't see 5G on the AX88U. One on the cubes is in the same TV cabinet, directly under the AX88U. They see other 5G routers/access points (like the TP Link AX1500 I put in my son's room...
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    Does OFDMA Really Work? Part 1

    @thiggins on a side note, in the article you mentioned picking up RT-AX58U, RAX15 and RAX45, will you be performing any other testing or writing up any reviews on them at some point, beyond just OFDMA?
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    Question on 4K streaming and Internet Speed

    Sorry I'm jumping in late. And I didn't read every post. I tried watching the Superbowl in 4k using the Fox app. All afternoon for pre-game, then during the game looked great. But at some point in the first half the picture began to break up and then froze. I tried stopping and restarting...
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    Netgear AX4 (RAX40) AX3000 Router Pre-order on Amazon for $200

    Any thing new on this one? Updates make it any better? Walmart has it on sale for $99. Amazon has it for $149
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    Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

    I'm having a VPN issue that is similar to what NathanG explained in post 43 of this thread, but maybe not exactly the same. On the VPN tab on the router... The TUN and TAP modes are both set as UDP, and service ports are set as default 12973 and 12974. I've tried setting "Clients will use...
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    Time to replace my router? What to get?

    I've had a Netgear R6300 v1 for just over 5 years now. In the last 6 months or so I've noticed the range doesn't extend as far in the house or out to by the pool (we now have dead spots we didn't have before) and wireless devices will show they are connected to the R6300 but not be able to...