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    AIMesh2 with wired backhaul

    alternatively could you please clarify your statement. above 80+ on one band on one router, I could see as being a problem (although not necessarily one documented in any way by ASUS) I find it hard to believe however that you cannot build a home network that supports 80+ 2.4Ghz devices using...
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    AIMesh2 with wired backhaul

    Altnerative question. given i can do wired backhaul, is there a mesh system that works for a large number of devices? (this seems like it should be a solved problem)
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    AIMesh2 with wired backhaul

    Well i don't want them on a single band, that was the point; nor do i need more than 20-30 on a single router, and as many of these are LIFX bulbs, i hope they aren't that chatty. My question is why
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    AIMesh2 with wired backhaul

    I know this question has probably been asked before, but ii haven't managed to find much of an answer. I have an AIMesh2 setup with an AC5300 with three AC68U nodes. I am trying to get decent coverage throughout and at the exteremeties for my house (no close neighbors). I have a lot (maybe 80+)...
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    can't disable WMM

    I have about 40 LIFX bulbs and AiMesh (and HomeKit). @thobux would be interested to hear how you get on... (I used the suggested LIFX settings on 2.4Ghz only - and yeah WMM is Enabled)
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    Possible solution to AiMesh wired backhaul network instability

    I have an AC5300 and 3x AC86U (only two plugged in atm because 3 was unstable, but going to try 3 again shortly with this new possible fix). I have about 50 bulbs and other home automation/security devices on 2.4Ghz band. These will somewhat randomly drop on/off wifi - sometimes everything...
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    AiMesh clients not connecting to nodes with strongest signal

    I have a bunch of home automation clients on 2.4Ghz I have AiMesh with AC-RT5300 and 2 x AC-RT68U nodes (all running I have a bunch of clients (particularly LIFX bulbs, though I'm not yet convinced they are the problem) that are not connecting to the router/node with...
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    AiMesh unstable with third ethernet-backhaul RT-AC68U node

    I am using the standard firmware. Only SD on the cameras, and the image is pretty constant... very little CPU usage on the AC-5300. I wish the GUI gave any sort of half decent status on the nodes, since they redirect you from the GUI... I will try logging into the nodes to get CPU etc and...
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    AiMesh unstable with third ethernet-backhaul RT-AC68U node

    I have an RT-AC5300 as the AiMesh router, and then multiple RT-AC68U AiMesh nodes. F/W: All nodes were factory reset and installed per instructions, with wired backhaul the 2.4Ghz band has Roaming Assistant, Airtime Fairness, Multi-User MIMO, Universal Beamforming off Nearly...
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    RT-AC5300 with AiMesh?

    1. Yes... I'm currently using RT-AC5300 with 2 RT_AC68U as nodes 2. They sell a double pack of AC68U on amazon (presumably for this reason)... I had an old RT-AC68U and bought two more. My network was unstable with 3 RC-AC68U nodes though, and have yet to figure out exactly why - will keep...