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    How to disable Aimesh node's 2.4ghz radio?

    Hi All, After reading this thread I decided to turn OFF my 2.4GHz for both my AiMesh Nodes to see what happens. My WiFi Devices at home: All my Mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) support 5GHz WiFi bands, hardly use the 2.4GHz WiFi band at home I only have one Fixed position Philips Internet...
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    Asus AIMesh Guest network issues

    Yes. PS: However, please note the hardware and the stock version of Firmware that I used for AiMesh Router and Node that may be different from yours I also noticed that for AiMesh Router Firmware: RT-AX88U_3.0.0.4_386_45375, I do not get the annoying and endless "... protocol ..." messages in...
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    Asus AIMesh Guest network issues

    Hi All, After reading this thread, I decided to Turn on my Guess Network 1, sync to All AiMesh Nodes, it is working as expected for my configuration and Firmware: AiMesh Router: AX88U + 2 x AiMesh Nodes: AC86U Wired Backhaul...
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    Release RT-AX88U Firmware version 2021/08/31

    Sorry, Spoke too early still getting this message every 5 minutes in Syslog, hope Asus fixed in the next Firmware. This does not happen on Merlin's recent Firmware including 386.3_2 Sep 9 21:00:00 rc_service: service 5386:notify_rc restart_letsencrypt Sep 9 21:00:01 Let's Encrypt: Err, DDNS...
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    Release RT-AX88U Firmware version 2021/08/31

    Sep 2 17:05:00 rc_service: service 20000:notify_rc restart_letsencrypt Sep 2 17:05:00 Let's Encrypt: Err, DDNS update failed. Sep 2 17:10:00 rc_service: service 20718:notify_rc restart_letsencrypt Sep 2 17:10:00 Let's Encrypt: Err, DDNS update failed. Sep 2 17:15:00 rc_service: service...
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    Instant Guard or IPSEC VPN can't connect from outside

    Have you followed the official Asus FAQ here? it uses IKEv1. Instant Guard is IPSec under the hood to simplify the process that mask some complexity for the end user: If you are interested to consider to use IPsec with IKEv2, see my old post(s) here...
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    Release RT-AX88U Firmware version 2021/08/31

    I have sent feedback with ALL logs to Asus Support 4 days ago ... have not got any reply or acknowledgement yet. May be they should look at Merlin's code which do not have this problem.
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    reading temperature from AX88U command line

    mekabe, You can find the interface for 2.4GHz and 5GHz as follows: nvram get wl0_ifname nvram get wl1_ifname
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    Release RT-AX88U Firmware version 2021/08/31

    I also found that Merlin's DoT (DNS-over-TLS) is available :) on this version of Stock Firmware AX88U; it is not mentioned in the release note.
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    Release RT-AX88U Firmware version 2021/08/31

    I have not seen this for a while, as I normally run on Merlin's Firmware for my AiMesh Router. It is repeating itself every 5 minutes. For now I am turning off Let's Encrypt and try it again in a couple of days. Is there some workaround? Thanks. Sep 2 17:05:00 rc_service: service...
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    Release RT-AX88U Firmware version 2021/08/31

    :) sanke1, Initially, I felt the sameway, but, I found that you can select not to show it again option :) Edit:
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    AiMesh Node going OFFLINE after a few weeks

    Hi, Pergola Fabio, My original post was 15th Nov 2018 (just under 3 years ago), I cannot remember which Firmware Version(s) I used at that point. I thought context is different and did not get involved in the new discussion in this very, very old thread. Since you ask me, this is what I can...
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    AC86u 2.4 dying or add-on issue?

    NinjaTortuga, Just another input for your consideration. I have been watching both my RT-AC86U AiMesh Nodes for the last many months. I observed that after Factory Reset and Fresh setup with either Stock or Merlin Firmware, the both RT-AC86Us 2.4GHz Channel end up degrading from 3 streams...
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    Release Asus RT-AX58U Firmware 386.43588 (7-28-21)

    Here :)
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    Release ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    Neil62, Thanks for the link ... with the both my RT-AC86U AiMesh Nodes updated to, running for about 14 hours, it appear to be working nicely (without 2.4GHz band stuck on Channel 1) with my RT-AX88U AiMesh Router. Now that I am home with physical access to my...