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    Printer not commicating with router

    Out of curiosity, are you using the Unbound DNS addon? When I had this installed my printer stopped communicating with anything. Once I uninstalled Unbound it went back to normal. I had to stop using it because of this unfortunately. I never found a solution.
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    Unbound unbound_manager (Manager/Installer utility for unbound - Recursive DNS Server) - General questions / discussion thread 2

    Does anyone else have an issue with printers when Unbound is running? I've been running Unbound on my RT-AC68U and noticed nothing on my network can print to my Brother HL-3170CDW printer. As soon as I removed Unbound everything could print to it again. On my linux systems I get "No suitable...
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    [Experimental] WireGuard for HND platform (4.1.x kernels)

    If you'd like an easy way to generate config files see this site: It claims all key generation is done in browser and nothing is sent externally but I cannot verify that myself. I've not used this but did bookmark it in case I wanted to play around with it in...
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    [Experimental] WireGuard for HND platform (4.1.x kernels)

    Does your Address line have a "." after then /32 as shown above? That's probably throwing the error if that's the case.
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    Diversion Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    I've found that every few weeks the Amazon app on phone stops working and I need to follow the blocking log to see what new domain is causing the issue. I've got about a dozen that I've had to add myself to get it working.
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    Diversion Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    Tasker has integrated Wireguard support and it works great. Very simple to do. I've got it set up so any access point I connect to outside my home or travel router (which acts as a VPN client as well) switches on my wireguard profile to connect home. I'm running a wireguard server on a Odroid...
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    [Beta] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.16 beta (and 384.13_5) are available

    I'd give you the complete OPPOSITE advice! Give it a go! Next thing you know you'll be duel booting your system with Windows and Linux and getting in to real trouble!
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    Help me identify myAC68U-AC1900

    Careful... ssh is a gateway drug. It will lead you places you never intended to go, often in the middle of the night, and you'll realize you have no idea how you got there.
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    My Unenlightened View of VPN Tunnels

    Try looking in to NoMachine. I've been using this pretty regularly at home. It has servers and clients for pretty much all operating systems. They have a pay model but I've always used the free versions.
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    If I remember correctly, the firmware used to have something like that but it was a significant security issue so it was removed.
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    Diversion Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    Are you using Pixelserv-tls? I was never able to figure out what needed to be whitelisted in order to make the amazon app work. I ended up not having pixelserv-tls active. Diversion and Skynet work great however...
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    [Experimental] WireGuard for HND platform (4.1.x kernels)

    I believe it's kernel related. Merlin stays with the base ASUS code which is using the linux kernel. Wireguard needs at least 3.10. If you install OpenWRT then you can use wireguard but on the ASUS codebase the kernel version is too old.
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    Bypassing the Great Firewall of China

    I was in China a few weeks ago and had a new travel router to play with (GL.iNet GL-AR750S... fantastic router!!!!). I've got OpenVPN and Shadowsocks running on my RT-AC68U and Wireguard running on a server in my network (in the US). The AR750S has clients for all of those so I was able to...
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    [Experimental] WireGuard for HND platform (4.1.x kernels)

    You are correct... I'd like to run a server, not a client.
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    [Experimental] WireGuard for HND platform (4.1.x kernels)

    That's pretty fantastic...