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    Yo, just in case you're still looking 4 years later, that $0 LG Tablet with $25/mo unlimited...

    Yo, just in case you're still looking 4 years later, that $0 LG Tablet with $25/mo unlimited works wonders. There's no root for the tablet, but an evening of adb playtime and you're able to leave it sitting openly tethered all month and they can't really tell. Running it tethered into a wt-ac68u...
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    ExpressVPN on Merlin - Custom Configuration

    Heh, worse than that. They're now offering their very own ExpressVPN firmware for many routers. I tried the firmware for the RT-AC68U... the date on the inside shows 10/a/18, but it's a version of DD-WRT from 2/7/17. THey virtually cripple the router, it's worse in every way and loses several...
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    AP mode + USB modem question

    I haven't had a lot of time to mess with this, but I'm fairly certain that despite the above it's nothing to do with Windows or the network card. Currently I have tcp/ip fully unbound from the Windows bridge and the only change is that that PC no longer shows up as being wired to the router, but...
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    Do you consider cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc a backup solution.

    It's creepy as hell that the bulk of "Security cameras" I see in stores now either don't have local storage as a default or it's not even programmed to do it. I set up some cameras at my new office back in November and 4 separate brands that I tried were all set up bu downloading the right...
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    The Dirty Little Secret of Today's Networks

    There seems a sad lack of another sort. I miss forums and actual discussion sometimes. I'm... lamenting?... the passing of time and change over time? Oh God, I'm old. When did this happen?!
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    Nvidia Android Box wants to use Wi-Fi to determine location

    Agreed. I'd rather not send on false positive data, so I firebomb everything on an android device I can with it remaining operational and then build back up. It's more fun that way anyway. :)
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    Upload Phone data to External drive attached to my ASUS Router automatically

    Yeah. Here, I just posted this elsewhere so you get a lazy copy/paste: It works with several file explorer/transfer apps, but it's all on how they're set up so the one I'm sure on is FX File Explorer. Wifi on, set up an admin password in FX's 'Web Connect' settings, you'll get a 'web address'...
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    Asus AI cloud IPhone app uploads?

    Repeater, I came up with a good solution for my needs. I now have my phone set as a network drive, giving a stable constant ~150MB/s link between it and my main computer. I'm running android and PC, but even if you need to test a few apps meant to give web file access I'd be surprised if it...
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    I just wanna go fast.

    The aggregate/load balancing hasn't worked out very well, but I sort of got distracted and forgot to play with it very much. I did figure out a relatively simple way to make an android into a permanent mapped drive though: It works with several file explorer/transfer apps, but it's all on how...
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    AP mode + USB modem question

    Maybe Windows PRNP, not the phone. I didn't even know that was a thing and apparently that's an old thing. Of course after having it all work for about 12 hours I had to poke at it and knock it over. I've gotten it going in that one direction enough times to know it waswas a fluke where the...
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    AP mode + USB modem question

    So, checking the router there's a network device that didn't exist before, and all of the names used by default in the router are different. I didn't notice that before setting as AP, but it was a while ago so I may be wrong. I now have "Arcadyan Corporation", "Winstron Neweb Corporation", and...
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    AP mode + USB modem question

    I'm having the same issue here. The phone is actually generating the network and can handle the routing, so the router as a router is double nat, and in AP mode it won't accept the connection. Currently testing tethering into a PC and bridging out into the router as AP. *Edit* Working...
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    I just wanna go fast.

    I... I can't... this is too good. You guys. It... I've seen the face of God. I know what I must do. Needed a better camera for work, and I'm an awful photographer. Saw Best Buy's Note 9 w/ Sprint deal and took it around Christmas. Was happy with the ~30Mbit down I was getting, but played with...
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    [ Request ] Pi-Hole on Asuswrt-Merlin

    Easiest method is via USB.