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Lt. Col. Obvious

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I... I can't... this is too good. You guys. It... I've seen the face of God. I know what I must do.

Needed a better camera for work, and I'm an awful photographer. Saw Best Buy's Note 9 w/ Sprint deal and took it around Christmas. Was happy with the ~30Mbit down I was getting, but played with settings anyway because they tried to lock them so I couldn't. got Note 9 to 140-200Mb/s pretty quickly. Hasn't realized how damn good cell speeds had gotten.

Now the good part. Sprint also has the newer 10.5" Galaxy tablet discounted to $100 and an LG 8" tablet for free. The catch is... the "catch"... you need to agree to have service for 2 years else pay remaining portion on device. That's not bad. Seems fair to me. But that service they're forcing you to have... is one independant unlimited data mobile broadband connection per device. At $25 per line.

So... in order to get a free or nearly free HD touchscreen programmable battery operated fully wireless modem.... you only need to be willing to pay $25/mo. Was I in a coma recently? I'd have given much more for that, and done things even Jack Daniels couldn't wash away. My office cable line was $150/mo before taxes and fees, and there's no competition here so it never hit 100Mbit/s and they didn't really care.

Sprint doesn't have a 1 per person limit, so I have 6 of them now, or 7 lines, including the phone.

I've seen some 4-wan load balancing routers around, but no 8-wan. Does anyone happen to know of one of those, I guess I could just settle for $150/mo turning into 2 500+ Mbit/s lines so I have one at home and one at the office, but... if I could get something like cascading load balancing? You know you want to.
The aggregate/load balancing hasn't worked out very well, but I sort of got distracted and forgot to play with it very much. I did figure out a relatively simple way to make an android into a permanent mapped drive though:

It works with several file explorer/transfer apps, but it's all on how they're set up so the one I'm sure on is FX File Explorer. Wifi on, set up an admin password in FX's 'Web Connect' settings, you'll get a 'web address' similar to

Just ignore the web browser part, and since you should already have Samba active on your computer map a network drive to \\\DavWWWRoot

Mapped drive has shown full internal, SD card, and USB drive storage for everything I've set up so far. I just sort of like combining things for no real purpose, so I've been working on turning them into a virtual RAID network. More practically it combines really well with a device you need to do a lot of transfers on. I take a ton of pictures and then need to edit a ton of pictures and thought it'd be nice to not need to worry about the USB cable or backups, so my main PC has a simple xcopy .bat set to run with Windows Task Scheduler that checks the \DCIM\Camera folder on that phone's mapped drive every 5 minutes and copies anything new to both my PC pre-edit folder and a backup drive connected to the router. With the RT-AC66U-B1 that constant wifi link between phone and pc can transfer at around 150MB/s

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