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  1. maxiarg14

    [TUTORIAL]pyLoad Download Manager through Entware

    Hi to all! I'm trying to install PyLoad via Entware on my Asus RT-AC86U, but only Python 3 is available and PyLoad works only with Python 2. Can anyone help me? Thanks and regards!
  2. maxiarg14

    [DSL-AC68U] AsusWrt Merlin builds for DSL routers

    Hi @SeamusMAcSpud ...did you find any solution for this issue? Is happening exactly the same to me, but with RT-AC86U. I've enabled all settings for multicast optimization (IGMP Proxy, Snooping, etc), but nothing works. Thanks, Regards!
  3. maxiarg14

    RT-AC86U Merlin IGMP Snooping mcpd.conf

    Hi @skeal, no, is working very well with every wireless device. In fact, I use a Netgear WNDR3400 with tomato firmware in "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" mode, and works perfectly with the main router (the RT-AC86U). If I connect the STB to the Netgear via wired ethernet, it works perfectly too...
  4. maxiarg14

    RT-AC86U Merlin IGMP Snooping mcpd.conf

    Hi! I have an ASUS RT-AC86U with Merlin Firmware 384.13_0. I couldn't receive IPTV until I enabled IGMP Proxy. Now I can play the content, but after 2 minutes the image freezes, and I have to change the channel to receive content again, and then after 2 minutes the image freezes again. I...
  5. maxiarg14

    RT-AC86U - Enable efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping)

    What version were you using when you wrote this? I'm doing the same as you, but image freezes after 2 minutes. I think is a snooping issue. Thanks! Regards
  6. maxiarg14

    Netgear WNDR3400 Wireless Ethernet Bridge Multicast Issue

    Hi! I'm using a Netgear WNDR3400 v1 with FreshTomato firmware installed (K26USB-NVRAM64K_RT-N5x-MIPSR2-2019.1). This device is configured with "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" mode, and is connected via wireless to my main router (Asus RT-AC86U with Merlin Firmware). I have an IP STB Box to receive...
  7. maxiarg14

    NVRAM Variable not updating.

    @Asad Ali Thanks for answer. Yes, that is what I´m doing, but for some reason that command is not working until the line "Initialization Sequence Completed" appears in the log, so when running the script "usr/sbin/gettunnelip" from inside my script, it returns an "unkown" ip. Now I'm not at...
  8. maxiarg14

    NVRAM Variable not updating.

    @Martineau, @RMerlin do you have any other suggestion? The curl command is start working after "Initialization Sequence Completed", the same if I call "usr/sbin/". Both commands starts to work after the initialization is completed, no matter what sleep delay I set, so I can't get...
  9. maxiarg14

    NVRAM Variable not updating.

    Hi @DFFRZ, @Asad Ali Did you find any solution for this issue? Exactly the same thing is happening to me. I tried the curl command suggested by @Martineau too, but is still not working. It seems that ip is seted after this line in the log is executed: "Initialization Sequence Completed"...