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    Voxel Custom firmware build for Orbi RBK50/RBK53 (RBR50, RBS50) v.

    Wow you added LOOP and FUSE modules support: super! I have to try it as soon as possible. Thanks again
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    Generate new OpenVPN client certificate with specific CN

    Hello, I'm trying to generate a new client certificate with a custom CN (Common Name) to be used in the OpenVPN client which connects to mt RBR50 (Voxel Firmware). I think that everytime I push one of the buttons (FOR WINDOWS, FOR MAC OS X, FOR SMART PHONE) in the web interface of Netgear...
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    Make lan behind OpenVPN client accessible from server (and its lan)

    Hello everybody, I have two routers with Voxel firmware. One acts as a OpenVPN server while the other is a OpenVPN client which connects to the server (TUN). Here is the schema CLIENT LAN <---> OpenVPN Client <---> OpenVPN Server <---> SERVER LAN Hosts in CLIENT LAN can access hosts in SERVER...
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    Includes for entware in Voxel firmware (RBR50 if it matters)

    Hello, I'm using Voxel firmware on my Orbi RBR50. It seem I need the includes of entware since I'd like to embark in Veracrypt compilation for entware trying to follow: I need some hint on which includes to download: maybe...
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    Voxel Fuse module for voxel firmware (RBR50)

    Ok, I have been able to do some tests and the modules seem to work correctly and mostly solved my problem; therefore I kindly ask you to add them to your default workflow so that we can have them by default in every release of your firmware: I believe they are very relevant modules that help...
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    Voxel Fuse module for voxel firmware (RBR50)

    Thanks voxel... I'll try soon and let you know ;-)
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    Voxel Fuse module for voxel firmware (RBR50)

    Thanks for your reply, in fact I installed cryptsetup from entware but it seems that module loop is missing in the kernel. Unfortunately encfs also seems to be based on fuse, therefore I'm convinced it will not work and unfortunately it is quite different from veracrypt and cryptsetup and...
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    Cryptsetup in Voxel (RBR50)

    I'd like to use cryptsetup in voxel firmware... but I get this error: [email protected]:/tmp/mnt/sda1# cryptsetup luksOpen cryptodisk.dat encVolume Enter passphrase for cryptodisk.dat: Attaching loopback device failed (loop device with autoclear flag is required). It might be related to the absence...
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    Voxel Fuse module for voxel firmware (RBR50)

    Voxel firmware is running great for me on RBR50, but, in debian, I'd like to run veracrypt which requires fuse module: do you think it is possible to add or is already there and I'm doing something wrong? I get this error: "Error: fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first" Thanks in...
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    Voxel Voxel firmware and orbi rbk50 - update to latest stock firmware before installing Voxel?

    You are right... I read the README.docx and wasn't able to find the answer... but today I downloaded your firmware and saw the answer is in the README.1st. Ops... I just came the forum to answer me... but found you arrived first ;-) That's great... I'll follow the advised path
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    Voxel Voxel firmware and orbi rbk50 - update to latest stock firmware before installing Voxel?

    I've jut received my new orbi rbk50v where I want to install Voxel firmware on RBR50. Stock firmware is very old ( V2.2.0.66 ) : I'd like to install the latest stock firmware... test that everithing is ok... and than install Voxel. I just ask: is any reason to not install the latest stock before...
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    Voxel firmware - flashing only RBR50 and not RBS40V: possible?

    ;-) I can take the risk then. Moreover I imagine it is possible go back on stock firmware on RBR50 and this will allow me to revive the warranty if needed (of course not in the case of electrical/hardware problems). Am I right? Thanks for the reply and keep on with the very good job you are...
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    Voxel firmware - flashing only RBR50 and not RBS40V: possible?

    Hello everybody and happy 2021, I'm considering buying a Netgear Orbi RBK50V kit which includes RBR50 and RBS40V (speaker). Of course I'd like to install Voxel firmware which I already use on my r7800. I mostly need OpenVPN (client and server) and debian. Since I imagine Voxel firmware is not...
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    Automatic service start on voxel firmware

    First of all, thanks to voxel for providing his powerful firmware. I need to automatically start a service (S99debian) at router boot. So I : 1) Put the script S99debian in /opt/etc/init.d/S99debian 2) Gave execution permission 3) Linked in /etc/rc.d (lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 30...