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    Asus router phones home when booted

    Signatures for what? The security software is disabled. Firmware and Signature updates sound like 2 requests. There were 5 requests in the log. Do you know if this is documented anywhere? Thank you.
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    Asus router phones home when booted

    Just an FYI. I have been watching the boot-up network activity of an Asus AC1900P running the latest firmware, For whatever reason, it makes a STUN call to Google to learn its public IP address. I see this as a UDP request to port 19302 at This is...
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    Asus router problem with

    You were correct. Thanks. The domain was indeed blocked using DNS that returned Seems like a bug that netstat tries to resolve this IP address to a name, but it does. Of all the domains blocked with an IP address of zero, was the first one alphabetically.
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    Asus router problem with

    Asus RT-AC1900P using latest firmware from May 2021 -- It is not directly online, its WAN port is connected to a LAN port on my main router. Lots of problems, it is pretty much non-functional. It thinks its off-line and connected devices can not access Internet. But...
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    Zyxel Zywall USG40 vs Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X or lite vs. pfsense SG-2220

    You may want to consider the Pepwave Surf Soho which retails for roughly $180. UI is simple. According to vendor it can handle speeds up to 100Mbps. Business class device for price of consumer. And, being able to use WiFi or 4g/LTE as backup WAN access can be a lifesaver when your ISP suffers an...
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    How to access cable modem dashboard, when it's behind router?

    You may want to use your router to block access to the modem. Some modems are *not* read-only and you don't want anything malicious on your LAN to be able to communicate with the modem. For more, see Using a router to block a modem...
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    Cannot access router - hacked?

    I updated the router firmware using the web GUI of the router. I did not manually visit the Asus website. Checking the Asus site, I see you are correct. Not sure why the router failed to notify of the latest firmware. It *might* be because the Jan 2014 firmware requires the router to be reset...
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    Cannot access router - hacked?

    I experienced this error and have never used, or even enabled, the VPN. Router is Asus RT-N56U. Firmware is version Router has been in use for over a year, but this problem happened about 10 days after upgrading the firmware to the latest and greatest. It is *not* a web...
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    ATEN CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch Reviewed

    autorun Anything that tricks autorun and autoplay by pretending to be a CD is scary. However, you can turn off autorun totally. Really, totally. See
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    Desired content: NAS box failures

    Thanks. Using the Qnap box with automated rsync backup does indeed seem like a great approach.
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    Desired content: NAS box failures

    Thanks, Tim, for the reply. Still, when two or more physical disks are presented to the outside world as a single disk image, the NAS box has to be doing some internal fudging. Even if the disks use a standard file system, I wonder if this fudging, whatever it is, would prevent data recovery if...
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    Desired content: NAS box failures

    NAS boxes provide RAID Level1 to protect from hard disk failures, but the boxes themselves are a new point of failure. I'd like to see this topic addressed. If the box is running RAID1 can the disks be removed, attached to any Linux based machine for file recovery? I would guess so. If...
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    I agree about the Captcha, it may be hardest one I've ever run across to read.
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    Trying Out Netbooks: Lenovo IdeaPad S10

    my netbook experiences Tim, I've greatly enjoyed your Netbook series. I think Netbooks will be huge, but the first generation (and in HP and Asus's case, second generation) are suffering from what seem like rookie design mistakes. I own an Acer Aspire One (WinXP), MSI Wind (WinXP) and Asus...