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    security of asus vs cisco rv260 vs netgate sg1100 under $200

    Wire guard coming to pfsense 2.5.
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    Affordable 4 or 5-port 2.5 gbe switches?

    Depending on how many ports you need. Total cost are probably under $300.
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    VLAN - Device has no ip

    after adding port 16 to vlan 20 on HP switch, IP address is issued by dhcp server.
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    VLAN - Device has no ip

    i logged into the HP switch and port 1-24 are assign to VLAN 1. so i need to create a new vlan 20 on the HP switch and make the port connecting to the Unfi switch member of VLAN 1 and VLAN 20, right?
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    VLAN - Device has no ip

    Hp switch has vlan 1 assigned to mgmt.
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    VLAN - Device has no ip

    I acquired a new switch Unfi 16 POE. it is connected to existing switch HP 1810. APs are off the new POE switch. New guest vlan 20 was setup of pfsense with rules allowing access to internet but not lan vlan. APs are configured to routed guest vlan 20 to guest network. pfsense vm resides in...
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    Good and bad patch cables

    I’ll be ordering new cables with new power strip. Thanks!
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    Good and bad patch cables

    I ran into a situation where a few patch cables used to connect from patch panel to the switch was no good. Equipment attached to the wall jacks will not connect. Swapping out the cables fixed the problem. This is where it get strange. When I tested the bad cables using a laptop to the...
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    2x2 AC Access Point Roundup

    I'm looking to replace existing Linksys E4200 V1 next year. It will be replaced with 1 or more POE enabled AP. The plan is to get Ubiquiti PRO unit since it supported 802af. Reliable consistent throughput is the top requirement. Not peak throughput. which should I get?
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    Adding a POE switch

    I'm planning to add a 8 port POE switch to my existing network. Looking for some ideas how to integrate and isolating sections of the network. The POE switch will have a set of IP cameras and 2 wireless POE AP. Either zoneminder or blue iris will need access to the camera plus the freenas for...
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    Super slow wired speeds

    check your cable
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    Pls Help w home network planning (incl floorplans)

    Thats how i did my house. I also ripped out all the phone wiring and plug in the cat3 to the patch panel from the phone box. makes it easy to relocate any phones. In some rooms you may want to have 4 ports too. If you ever want to add IP cameras, it will be easy. setup vlans to separate out...
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    Used Intel i3-3220 1155 socket - $80

    Sorry not in Canada.
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    Bridge IP address

    after resetting, i manually set the router to a different IP and the management console is accessible again.
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    Bridge IP address

    i did looked in the DHCP leases and its not there. which results in using nmap to scan for it.