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    IPv6 Setup with Comcast/Xfinity

    JohnD5000: Here is my setup with Comcast (I have my own SB6141 modem) I just set drop down to "native" (also ensure the firewall is tuned on under "Firewall") and IPv6 test fine with reliable connection. hope this helps -- Added: I use the Merlin default DNS in my setup, only adjustment there...
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    NAT settings and VOIP phone

    Thank you all for the reply's - I will be happy with the defaults. I suspect it would be difficult to get a tech answer from the provider, I did find a few suggestions in searching on specific settings but I saw the unit disconnect and reconnect randomly (this was with the first three enabled)...
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    NAT settings and VOIP phone

    Thank you so much for taking a moment to reply, I was looking to cheat a little and not do a reset to find out. very helpful - thank you
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    NAT settings and VOIP phone

    Hello to the forum, I have recently changed over to a provider of home phone service that uses an adapter that hooks up to a LAN port on the home router . I am currently running a RT-AC68U with the latest Merlin FW 384.9 I had long ago disabled all the NAT pass through settings as I did not...