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    NETGEAR router with link aggregation

    AC: XR700, R9000 AX: RAX80, RAX120, RAX200
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    Orbi 20 Series - Armor Beta Test

    NETGEAR are looking to recruit beta testers to test Armor activation on the Orbi 20 series. Armor is a security service in partnership with Bitdefender. The following Orbi models are supported: RBK20 RBK22 RBK23 RBK20W RBK23W If anyone has any of the above Orbi models and you're interested...
  3. NETGEAR Guy

    Walmart Ac2600 firmware options

    For open source, please check:
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    Orbi Marries Alexa

    Sonos One for Alexa...
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    Orbi Marries Alexa

    It's unicast from Amazon
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    Cable Wireless Router Beta Test Opportunity - Germany

    A new DOCSIS 3.0 broadband cable beta test is available for the German cable market. If anyone interested in taking part, please visit: and sign up. Many thanks
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    Netgear Beta - Test Opportunity - EX7000 New Feature

    We're looking for existing EX7000 owners to help test a new mesh feature with this extender model. Use the One WiFi Name and Smart Roaming features for sharing the same WiFi network name and password as your router and superior streaming as you move around the home. We target to kick off the...
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    Do Insight devices support web brower management?

    Update from the product team... 1. On the either/or for local vs cloud: All other competitor’s cloud devices (our own APs using Business Central and Insight included as well) simply restrict you to the limited capabilities of the Cloud (OR for our APs, we force you to use only one or the other...
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    OK...will check v1.0.2.44 stock status...
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    It would be passthrough for PPTP and L2TP....create port forward rule for each. Also, Nighthawk range supports PPTP and L2TP for ISP encapsulation...
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    Do Insight devices support web brower management?

    The Insight story so far.... Free – Insight Mobile App management for 2 devices Insight Basic – Insight Mobile App management chargeable for the third device and above. Insight Premium – Insight Web Portal (app included with portal) – Chargeable for all devices. All Insight products do have...
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    Nighthawk models such as R7800, R7000 support PPTP and L2TP Page 27:
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    Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC4000

    If it helps, here's the SmallNetBuilder review
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    R9000: VPN Connection issue with IKEv2

    Currently only the OpenVPN based client is supported.
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    Orbi RBR50/RBS50 Official Beta Program?

    There's nothing at the moment as beta programs have run for all hardware models...including the SRK60 business units. Do you currently have an RBK50 kit?