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    ASUS RT-AC68U AiMesh drops (Again)

    I had a similar drop problem between a pair of 68Us. Eventually RMA'd one unit but even that didn't resolve it. I went around and around with this before finding the fix - reverting to Firmware Version finally solved the problem. Since then the connection has been rock solid, no...
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    Recommend an AiMesh router

    If the AC68U wrked well for you get a other one. Good bang for the buck. Also get a surge supressor.
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    Access Point Advice

    ++ for using older, cheaper equipment and having one model of device. Also having a second device is handy if one of them fails. Mesh is just a glorified repeater with central management, IMO useless unless you are running a wide network. I've had excellent results with high-gain antennas...
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    Router Life

    I had an Asus N12 that has run reliably for at least a decade. Donated it a few years ago and it still runs great. A surge protector is a good idea for all electrical devices.
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    Solved FIX for Intermittent WiFi disconnect on PC

    SOLVED I don't know how to change the thread title but the intermittent disconnect problem was resolved by flashing an old stock Asus firmware on the repeater. The primary router is running the latest Merlin. After a dirty flash with, there are no more drops.
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    Help diagnosing RT-AC68U losing WAN connection on config changes, Wifi devices connecting, etc...??

    I had a problem with drops on the AC86U in repeater mode. I tried a plethora of settings, switching routers, and even RMA'd one of them. The eventual cure was to flash an older Asus firmware. This fixed the problem. No more drops.
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    Solved FIX for Intermittent WiFi disconnect on PC

    Maybe this is old news ... I've been battling random disconnects at the repeater for some time. Several times in a row a large backup download to a WIN 10 pc failed when the WiFi disconnected. After searching I came up with the reason: the energy saver in network settings (via device...
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    Which DNS Do You Use? And other newb queries.

    I'm going to try that ...
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    Which DNS Do You Use? And other newb queries.

    Merlin has a list of DNS servers built-in. I use Cloudflare. Diversion is the reason I installed Asus-Merlin. Highly effective ad-blocking transforms the internet experience.
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    Do Bluetooth Repeaters exist? Jabra Headset <=> Bluetooth Repeater <=> Windows Laptop

    Bluetooth Long Range Receiver Transmitter You can find anything on the internet if you look.
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    msg at drop: connection failed - password incorrect

    I'm not sure if the ExpressVPN connection (running on a pc) is the cause of occassional disconnects at the repeater. The repeater (connected and functioning) reports "Connection failed. Password is not correct." This screen shot was made from access through the primary router, and the...
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    I think my RT ac 88 U is dieing

    It looks to me like Express VPN on my pc occassioanly causes the network connection at the repeater to fail. It takes about 5 minutes to come back on. There are no error messages in the logs, and I can't find any other cause.
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    Windows doesn't connect automatically and when it does picks up weaker node in mesh network

    You can set the node to be a repeater, and then set it to a different SSID. Performance is exactly the same, the difference is you will have full control of the repeater. A repeater can use the same SSID as the router.
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    Windows doesn't connect automatically and when it does picks up weaker node in mesh network

    Set the nodes as different SSIDs and only allow the computer to connect to the stronger one. You can also play with router location and antenna direction, even small adjusments can have large effects.
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    AI mesh support for low end routers

    Mesh won't extend your range. A repeater provides the same performance (depending on the model) as a mesh system and a wide variety of routers by different manufacturers have that capability. The 2.4 band has better range than the 5GHz band. Aftermarket antennas can be used to boost signal...