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    Looking for upgrade from AC87U

    Thanks for the info. I did like the 88U for the 8 ports, but a switch would do the same thing and if the 86U has better performing ports and specs, seems like an obvious bet. Only annoyance is the tall form factor, really wish they didn't do that. The 86U is also only a bit more than I...
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    Looking for upgrade from AC87U

    Hi, Budget isn't a concern, so don't worry about that. ISP speeds are above 50Mbps down and 15Mbps up or so. Not sure on the firmware, I only really update once every year or so - but it's on whatever Merlin was on at the time. Why is the 86U superior to the 88U despite the latter being higher...
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    Looking for upgrade from AC87U

    Hi, Been running an AC87U for around 5+ years at the moment. It has been running mostly OK for that period but now seems to be acting more spotty as time goes on, requiring reboots to fix it. I also notice that on those reboots it takes an age for the WiFi modules to load up, so I'm looking for...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.51 is out

    Having a bit of issue with the Adaptive QoS page. A PS4 is currently running a download so eating up quite a bit of the traffic - yet I don't see it reported on the page, the bars don't move at all. At one point, it reported my PC was using a lot of network data, so I tried digging into it to...