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    Fixed Bug Report - 380.59 - dhcp-event not firing: My mistake

    On cold boots, there are occasions when dhcp-event doesn't appear to fire. I believe this occurs when an IPv6 bound event occurs prior to the IPv4 bound events. Pablo
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    DLNA observation, potential reason for recent complaints

    In reviewing my recent problems with my router, I noted multiple copies of my ASUS router and access points appearing as devices on my Windows 10 machine (See under "Devices an Printers"). At any one time only one copy for each device is active, while the other devices are grayed out. The key...
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    Panic(?) on 380.59 RTAC88U

    I got the following in my log while I was away, and have never seen something like this before. Unexpected reboot, as no shutdown messages seem apparent. Upon reboot I saw the messages copied below and I wondering about the following possibilities: Problem with IGMP snooper(?), bad USB key...
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    Firewall / iptables help

    Need to open ports for HP printer to work with eprint. Ports 5222 and 5223. The following firewall-start script runs, and the changes are applied but the ports still remain blocked. #!/bin/sh logger -t $(basename $0) "Firewall-start script started." iptables -A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m...
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    Interesting IPv6 problem, rtac88u, Merlin 380.57, 1500 v 1452 MTU

    Forgot. It's native with Time Warner (TWC). It also causing Netalyzr to randomly fail IPv6 across Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu.
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    Interesting IPv6 problem, rtac88u, Merlin 380.57, 1500 v 1452 MTU

    IPv6 traceroute from router or any network device fails at first hop. I can ping the external router wan /128 address IPv6 address with any packet up to 1452 bytes in size, in spite of eth0 being listed with an 1500 MTU, on a cable modem (SB6141) with no evidence of PPPoE which is more often...
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    [SOLVED] IPv6 on 378.55_0 kills DHCP

    Try changing it to: dhcp-option=dnsf11,option6:dns-server,[2001:4860:4860::8888] You need to use "dns-server" rather than "23" as the number doesn't work properly. You also need an IPv6 rather than IPv4 address Pablo
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    RT-AC88u jffs mount problem Merlin Firmware.

    I see you are still using Try the IP address e.g. 192.168.x.x The firmware will often randomly kick you out unless you do so.
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    RT-AC88u jffs mount problem Merlin Firmware.

    Try using the routers IP address rather than its name. It would often throw me back to the login screen if I used its dns name e.g. router, asusrouter. Also try to reset to factory defaults.
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    Greetings from backstage

    Wishing you all the best! Take care of yourself.
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    Bug report - AP Mode

    Problems with restart_dnsmasq followed by restart_dms appears to be causing >distributed< log problems for me. Dnsmasq is not necessary in AP mode, and I can't understand why dms (document management system) by adlibre is needed here. It's generating log messages on the AP (RTAC68U 380.57), and...
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    [Preview] 380.57 alpha test builds for all models

    Running into a potential issue wit ignore, in that during startup, the system is reporting igmp errors, immediately following messages about bringing the varied interfaces up on the Rt-ac88u. I haven't noted this error before, and I do rely upon it to get my network to work properly. Jul 31...
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    DNSmasq dnssec support

    I've tried wan-start in the past, however I think it needs to be modified to take into consideration the start of IPv6, as I believe that it regards the wan as being up once IPv4 is up. This causes any script dependent upon IPv6, to fail as IPv6 typically is up after IPv4 set. This is true for...
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    DNSmasq dnssec support

    One thought, if you set up a marker of boot completion (e.g. crond time disparity message) you could allow the initial dnssec flags to be off, and then restart dnssec with the flags on. In general a script or nvram marker that runs after all of the startups have completed would be useful...
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    DNSmasq dnssec support

    Merlin, are you using the timestamp tool built into dnsmasq (see below)? I can't really tell from the previous posts. I know there have been some concerns regarding security with the use of a timestamp file, but I am not in a position to adequately assess that. One other thing, it seems that...