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  1. pattiri

    Skynet Skynet is blocking my netflix!

    Welcome. Are you using Diversion? if yes you can follow dnsmasq.log under Diversion menu by pressing f -> 5 and the IP address of your PC or phone. While following this log, try to access Netflix with your phone of PC (the owner of the IP address you've filtered earlier) and search for...
  2. pattiri

    Skynet Skynet is blocking my netflix!

    If Skynet would block Netflix you would have seen blocked logs in "OUTBOUND" direction; not "INBOUND". Depending on screenshots; there are two possible reasons; - Your DNS server is can not resolve the addresses . If your are using DOT or etc. try disabling them or try using a different DNS...
  3. pattiri

    Skynet Skynet is blocking

    I've experienced this kind of odd blocking issues many times and it's not Skynet's fault. It's the iplist that Skynet uses. In my case, Skynet started to block github about one week ago. I've whitelisted the IP address of github and it worked. Just after that I've manually updated the blocking...
  4. pattiri

    Effective YouTube Ad Filter Exist for Merlin?

    Blocking YouTube adds with DNS seems impossible for me. I’m using this on my Nvidia Shield TV: It can even skip sponsor parts of videos. This is the new version of smart YouTube tv app you mentioned, by same developer.
  5. pattiri

    AX88U as an NTP server

    I'm not sure official firmware has this option but Merlin has it.
  6. pattiri

    AC88U - 386.1_2 fw block internet issue

    Just tried it with my AC-88U with 386.1_2 it worked. Make sure you see this icon after blocking.
  7. pattiri

    CakeQOS Still having ping spikes, even with QOS on. Bad gaming experience.

    Sorry but with these bandwidths, with ADSL2+ and 14db SNR you don't have much thing to do. Gaming mostly depends on your upload speed and while you gaming, if anyone or any device in your network does any basic internet traffic (even DNS request or web browsing) will impact your gaming...
  8. pattiri

    FlexQoS FlexQoS 1.2.4 - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    I'm also a fan of dev branch fq codel! My speed is 100/5 but between 19:00-00:00 it's 25/5. That's why I'm using automatic BW mode and even with this settings I got all "A" via dslreports doesn't matter what time it is. Thank you and great work!!!
  9. pattiri

    Diversion Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    Yes. w: whitelisted, b: blacklisted, wb: wildcard-blacklist
  10. pattiri

    Unbound unbound_manager (Manager/Installer utility for unbound - Recursive DNS Server)

    Currently; is down that's why we can't update eEntware package list which causes installation/update fails
  11. pattiri

    Unbound unbound_manager (Manager/Installer utility for unbound - Recursive DNS Server)

    For this one; dumpcache and searching cache.txt needed I guess. Here what I wanna see for from cache.txt 1195 IN A 1195 IN A 1195 IN A
  12. pattiri

    Unbound unbound_manager (Manager/Installer utility for unbound - Recursive DNS Server)

    I'm a first time Unbound user and I've used try and see method to find out lots of things for now all seems OK. I've set unbound as first DNS resolver disabled DNSmasq, enabled adblocker, webui and youtube ad blocker and my cache hit success percent: 50.85 which is not bad I guess but I have...
  13. pattiri

    uiDivStats uiDivStats - WebUI for Diversion statistics

    OK; disabled and rebooted the router, installed iuDivStats and waited for a while for a cool down. And did the same test with 40 tabs and here :( additional notes I would like to mention. - When I did the test with 40 tabs when iuDivStats is not installed; the CPU Load average reached...
  14. pattiri

    uiDivStats uiDivStats - WebUI for Diversion statistics

    Could you please send your current DS settings? Even I disable settings I think I can change bogus-priv and domain-needed. Let me change the settings as same of yours reboot and check
  15. pattiri

    uiDivStats uiDivStats - WebUI for Diversion statistics

    Logged out and opened many web pages in about 15-20 seconds, all loaded fine with no error and I got this; Then I've uninstalled uiDivStats; flushed DNS of my PC and deleted databases of firefox and restarted. this time (after uninstalling uiDivStats) I've tried to open 40 tabs as soon as...