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    Connecting two remote networks using Merlin & OpenVPN

    Hi I did sort of the same. Note that the two networks need to be on a separate subnets, ex: and The simplest way is if you need to add a static route on the router with the openvpn server. Or you can tell openvpn to set up the routes automaticaly. In my case the client...
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    [ Request ] Pi-Hole on Asuswrt-Merlin

    I don't use any of the two mentioned here but I have a Pi zero attached to my AC56 running in usb gadget mode. Minimal list in my case is Pi, usb cable and sd card. It is used as a low power test server for work and sometimes thinkering. Speed is much better than wifi. It worked also on my AC66...
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    cause for constant crashes

    Being different platforms and on different kernel versions it's not rely the same software. I bought the AC66 more than a year ago and the AC56 is second hand. Both combined cost me about 150 euros, 100 + 50. I know I could have bought a AC68 from the start but back then it was over my budget...
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    cause for constant crashes

    I had similar issues with my AC66 when IPv6 was enabled. I bought an AC56, disabled wifi on it and set up the AC66 as AP. Used AC56 are cheep and IPv6 implementation on it works. I have given up on IPv6 on the AC66.
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    Slower than expected wan speed with RT-AC66U when connected to ISP fiber router

    Of course I did the reset to factory defaults, it was the first thing I did. I understand it can be the source of many problems but it is not a magical solution for all of them. I managed to stabilize the router and have CTF enabled. I still see high soft irq cpu usage when connection is maxed...
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    [Fork] Asuswrt-Merlin 374.43 LTS releases (Archive)

    I also had problems accessing the router but only on 5 Ghz wifi. I switch over to 2.4 Ghz and it works ok. Internet usually work but the router can't be accessed in any way(web, ssh). I have a AC66U running 16E1.
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    Slower than expected wan speed with RT-AC66U when connected to ISP fiber router

    O Johns fork my AC66U was rebooting itself every 6 to 8 hours so I tried disabling CTF. For now I can get by without it and it seems it solved the reboots also as my up-time is over 21 hours now.
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    AC-66 rebooting itself every 6-8 days

    I also had periodic reboot about every 6 to 8 hours. I noticed this after installed Johns fork and cranked up the 5 Ghz transmit power to 180 mW. I had some problems with CTF NAT and after a few changes in config I managed to enable it and that is when the restarts started to happen. Yesterday...
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    Slower than expected wan speed with RT-AC66U when connected to ISP fiber router

    I have disabled URL filter and keyword filter and IPTraffic. QOS is also disabled. What else affects CTF, what else should I disable/enable considering I have a pppoe connection. LE.: I installed Johns fork and this FW seems to better manage soft irq-s. I also disabled spanning tree protocol...
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    Slower than expected wan speed with RT-AC66U when connected to ISP fiber router

    On my 100 Mbs pppoe connection the AC66 can keep up but I don't think it can handle anything more then 200Mbs. In top cpu usage for sirq is very high when the connection is maxed out: CPU: 5.9% usr 2.8% sys 2.5% nic 0.0% idle 0.0% io 2.5% irq 86.0% sirq CTF is shown as enabled but...