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    Weird country code on RT-AC86U

    But sadly changing is not possible.
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    NEW ASUS RT-AC86U / RT AC2900 - 17th June Firmware v. (17.06.2020)

    Asus and regional wifi settings are not a very good combination. You can not change the country setting of a router. And many have country code E0 ('Europe') Mine also came with country code E0, and in this setting channel 149 is only available when the router is not in 80Mhz mode.
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    [384.18_Alpha Builds] Testing all variants

    Well I just want to set my router to its proper country code instead of E0. But if that is considered hacking, then I guess the whole discussion on country codes could be considered ' hacking'. Just forget the question and lets go back to topic: 384.18 alpha...
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    [384.18_Alpha Builds] Testing all variants

    I can set a country code in nvram but after a reboot this is reset to E0, any way around this?
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    ASUS RT-AC86U Firmware version

    Upgraded with no problems...
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    ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version

    Same here.... no problems
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    RT-AC68U new firmware

    No need to edit links and manually download, my 68U updated yesterday to 648 via the Asus router app (firmware update button)
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    AiMesh usability poll - Version 20308

    RT-AC86U Main Router 1x RT-AC68U Node Very happy with this setup. All works very well. 1 thing on my wishlist: Guest wifi via the Node.
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    Hi, could you please send me a link to your great firmware for the 87U, tia!

    Hi, could you please send me a link to your great firmware for the 87U, tia!
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    380.65 Asking for Country Code ?

    No such problems on my AC87U
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    [Beta] RT-AC87U_3.0.0.4_378_8248 Unofficial Beta is down, could someone pls post a mirror link.
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.51 is out

    Strangely on .51 my Samsung U40h7000 tv won't connect anymore to the 5Ghz wifi of my 87 router. On .50-ta all was fine, as soon as I went back to 50-ta it connects again and after that back to 51 looses the connection.. So its back to .50-ta for me for now
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.50 is out

    Did you yet try the 378.50_ta ? (none-beta but still experimental )
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 376.49 is out

    I am currently running 87R's 376.49_5_newqtn with the new Quantenna v36.7.0.31 driver. Does this ' new' 49_5 which fixes the security hole also include the new Quantenna driver?
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    Second new AC87 today, second dead 5Ghz radio

    I had a similar problems with the 5ghz radio... mine came back to live after i assigned a fixed control channel instead of leaving it on 'auto'