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  1. rickygao

    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    I would suggest @ASUSWRT_2020 to show the Guest Wi-Fi connected devices in both GUI and the APP, I know there's lot of people connecting iOT devices on Guest (isolated from home network), it will be very handy to show those devices, like we we can see on the right side of each device (2.4, 5-1...
  2. rickygao

    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    Can we consider to allow user set the prefered topology, I have AX11000 and XT8, the far XT8 keep connecting to closed XT8 and then AX11000, which siginal is slightly better than both XT8 connecting to AX11000. Everytime, I have to shutdown the closed XT8 and let the far one connecting to...
  3. rickygao

    RT-AX88U and RT-AX92U as AiMesh node: No AX mode

    You can unhide the dedicate channel by Telnet/ssh into RT-AX92U and perform below commands nvram set dwb_wl_closed=0 nvram commit Reboot both RT-AX88U and RT-AX92U
  4. rickygao

    RT-AX88U Beta Firmware posted. Supports WPA3 and OFDMA

    You can buy a Intel AX200 network adaptor and replace your current one on your laptop if you have any.
  5. rickygao

    ASUS AX95Q (AX6600) release date

    Hi All, Does anyone know when is the new AX95Q (AX6600) going to be avaiable?
  6. rickygao

    Asus RT AX88U - Strange disconnection with ChromeCast

    preamble change to long, disable ptimize AMPDU aggregation and try again
  7. rickygao

    AX88U+AC88U AIMesh

    Hi, Anyone knows if i have AX88U+AC88U to buid the AIMesh system, will AC88U node also support AX network?
  8. rickygao

    Anybody Seen any New AiMesh Firmware, Beta or Official?

    AiMesh is not running well on my wireless backhaul setup. Unfortunately I cannot run cable in my house, so i have to rely on wireless backhaul. I have downgrade both my AC3100 to and setup AiMesh again, so far so good. I think I will skip and waiting to see...
  9. rickygao

    it seems so many AIMESH issues on 45149, so what's the most stable version?

    Hi All, I have just got my two new AC3100 to setup AIMESH. By reading through the forum, I have found people is having so many issues on latest 45149 firmware. Can anyone guide me what's the most stable version for AIMESH and wireless backhaul so far?
  10. rickygao

    Anybody Seen any New AiMesh Firmware, Beta or Official?

    Thanks Merlin, Do you know if there's an beta program from ASUS we can joining? The current build has so many issues on AiMesh, we can assist ASUS on beta testing
  11. rickygao

    Anybody Seen any New AiMesh Firmware, Beta or Official?

    big update? I'd rather prefer regular updates and focus on stability first
  12. rickygao

    Aimesh performance wireless backhaul

    The device is having 5Ghz radio hardware issue and I have returned it back, awaiting for replaced one. It is very difficult for my environment to run cable as backhaul. I will try it again once I got the new device, I have also purchased Netgear PL1000 as an backhaul alternative, not expecting...
  13. rickygao

    Frequently disconnected from wifi (disconnect weak signal strength station)

    I had the same issue on my RT-AC3100 node with wireless backhaul
  14. rickygao

    Aimesh performance wireless backhaul

    I had the same issue. After a day or so my AiMesh node start using 2.4Ghz as back-haul, nothing changed, didn't move the node at all. And later found the AC3100 node became wired behaviours, 5Ghz radio cannot be enabled again. Factory reset the node, 5Ghz radio still failed, channel shows 0...