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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.4 is now available

    I found that I had to power cycle my modem. Then this problem was instantly fixed.
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.4 is now available

    Thanks to those who replied to my question on low NVRAM. I bit the bullet and did a full reset and hand-entered all the parameters. Including correcting typos, that took me almost 2 hours, but I have to admit this is the first reset I've done in years, so it was time. Now I have almost 10k more...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.4 is now available

    Dirty flash to AC68U is now telling me NVRAM is low. I have only 14 DHCP reservations and "nvram show" doesn't show anything huge. Is there something else I should look at? Must I factory reset and will reset really fix this? Or is my 68U getting too old and I need a unit with more NVRAM?
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    Need help on SysLog spamming already exist in UDB, can't add it

    I am recently seeing this about once a minute. Nov 8 10:37:28 kernel: already exist in UDB, can't add it is a Netgear Orbi RBR50 set up as an access point with a static address behind my Asus 68U, so it has nothing to do with phones. Any ideas? Looks like nobody's...
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    help with script

    Did you make the script executable? chmod +x firewall-start
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    Connection AC-68U with Orbi

    It's a thread on a forum, so IMHO, it's one conversation. I was trying to politely refute your response in post #2. Yes, the AC68U is in router mode, but that in no way suggests it should connect to the Orbi via WAN port. Just the opposite. Asus WAN port goes to modem, LAN port goes to Orbi and...
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    Connection AC-68U with Orbi

    The chain is Modem -> Asus -> Orbi. So the Asus WAN port connects to the modem. In this setup, the Asus acts as the wired router and the Orbi is the wireless access point.
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    Connection AC-68U with Orbi

    I have been running this exact configuration for a few years and it works fine. The RBR50 is set to AP mode and connects to the 68U's LAN port, so both devices are on the same network. The 68U's radios are turned off. My 2 RBS50s use wired backhaul. I do this because I found the 68U to be a...
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    URGENT HELP NEEDED- Got new job @ Home need to fix wifi-calling on Asus RT-AX58U asap. Should i go merlin?

    Simplest thing would be for your employer to provide you a dedicated land line.
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    Two things I can't resolve on this forum

    There are 2 things on this forum I can't figure out. How to make my signature bigger. I go to the sig editor and make the font larger, but it does not change. You can see below how tiny it is. How to prevent certain character sequences, such as colon+D from turning into smilies like :D. I see...
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    New log messages since updating to 386.1_2

    Thanks for the replies. I, um, might have skipped a couple of releases to get where I am. The "not mesh client" is definitely new to me.
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    New log messages since updating to 386.1_2

    I'm not using my AC68U's WiFi at all. It's just a wired router in my setup. I am seeing new messages since I updated to 386.1_2 a day or two ago. The repeated "consolidating nvram" is new as are the "can't update its ip" messages. Do I need to do anything or just ignore these?
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    Minor GUI clipping when radios off

    I don't use the radios in my 68U. I use Orbis for my Wi-Fi mesh. In the main page of the Merlin GUI, the addition of the line "Your Wi-Fi radio is currently disabled" causes text below it to be obscured by GUI elements. I know this would be my SSIDs so it doesn't really matter, but there it is.
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    Set up my new AX86U today

    Hi, Lee, have you installed Merlin yet? How is it going? My AC68U is on its last legs and I'm considering the AX86U w/Merlin. Any first impressions you'd care to share?
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    Possible intrusion?

    I see a GUI setting for Auto Logout (minutes) on the Administration page System tab.