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    AC68U weak range

    so here's the odd thing. When I switched it over to 20hz, channel 1, it became a beast. Was definitely not that strong on the other channels. When I came back to the RT-N66R, channel 1 sucks. Channel 5 and 6 is the best (6 teeters between good and very good). I tried putting the AC68U on...
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    AC68U weak range

    Merlin 384.13
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    advice needed for network setup

    CLOSED My office and family room are on complete opposite sides of the first floor. I have cat5e coming from both the office and family room to a small area in my basement (like a small computer/network closet) that has a computer, xbox and a bunch of other stuff. I think the optimal set up...
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    AC68U weak range

    When I first set up the AC68U 2 days ago and changed the 2.4Ghz channel to 1, the router was a huge improvement. 2 Firesticks (1 in a different room, same floor and 1 on the next floor up above) were both showing a "very good" signal with 2.4 Ghz (and streaming was actually confirmed as...