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    Asuswrt-Merlin AddOns missing from Advanced Settings

    I have successfully installed spdMerlin (my first add-on) via AMDM, but back on my router (RT-AX88U) with firmware version 386.5_2 installed and running, there is no Addons option under the Advanced Settings section. Is there something that I am missing on the setup of Merlin?
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    Asus AIMesh Guest network issues

    Interesting Point on the switched vs unstitched wired backhaul. It has me wondering if this is not also an impact on some other HomeKit challenges. As a curious note, I did a restore of my network to clean up the problems that came from creating the guest network. Everything worked fine and...
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    Asus AIMesh Guest network issues

    How totally frustrating. I made the error, prior to finding this thread/posting, that guest network would work on this extremely expensive AiMess network that I setup. I bought a RT-AX88U to add to my network of 2 RT-AX86U's, all to be in an AiMess configuration. Enabled the guest 1 network...