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    AiMesh nodes using ethernet backhaul

    I have AiMesh setup for wired backhaul on my system (3x-AX86U and 1x-AC88U) and it has been flawless for the most part. I have a connected house, so have 2 ethernet jacks in every room. For the nodes, they all connect to the main AX86U (LAN 1) via a dedicated 5 port gigabit switch. The rest...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2_6 is now available

    Dirty upgrade to 386.2_6 from previous version on my AiMesh system. All running smooth with no issues.
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    AiMesh - 386.1_2 Issue with LED Lights on Routers

    I spent all yesterday learning how to SSH into my router (I know, I’m a noob), but this worked! Thanks!
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    AiMesh - 386.1_2 Issue with LED Lights on Routers

    oh, I live in a crowded area, and have been tinkering with the WiFi channels. with every change, the lights come back on. Also, one of my devices connected to the node through one of the ethernet ports was causing a problem that required the AiMesh system to restart. In all cases, the Lights...
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    AiMesh - 386.1_2 Issue with LED Lights on Routers

    Hi All, This is a really minor issue, but enough of one that the wife has started to complain. I have 3 AX86U Routers in an AiMesh ethernet backhaul setup (1 main, 2 nodes). Everything is running perfectly as far as network stability and performance on my Xfinity gigabit plan. The nodes are...
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 380.68 is available

    Most likely this is the Roaming Assistant. Do you have one or more Access Points in addition to your Router on your network? If not, disable it in the Professional tab under wi-fi settings for both channels and see if it goes away.
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 380.64_2 is now available

    Thanks, that makes sense as to why I lost IPv6 functionality when I switched from .59 to .64_2. Any chance for a fix in the next release?
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 380.64_2 is now available

    Has anyone been able to find a solution to this problem? I am having similar issues with IPv6 on Comcast since updating to 380.64_2. EDIT: This is on an RT-AC88U