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    Wired APs - Same SSID+Roaming vs different SSIDs+no roaming?

    Hi all, I currently use a rt-ac88u and recently purchased 2x Rt-ax86u after upgrading my internet speed to 1gbps. My plan is to use a ax86u as the main router, the other ax86u as an AP upstairs and the older ac88u as another access point downstairs. Both AP will be wired to the router. (Not...
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    Upgrade Advice (AC88U+RP68U)

    Thanks for your advice. Ethernet backhaul shouldn't be an issue. So either go with a mesh system or single AX92U with scope to use AImesh in the future? I may also get an additional 1.3gbps on the 1st floor in the next few months, i want to try and get as much of the bandwidth around the home...
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    Upgrade Advice (AC88U+RP68U)

    Hi all! I have recently upgraded my internet to 500mbps and am still using a AC88U in the downstairs office with an asus RP68U repeater as an access point (wired) in the living room for electronics (wired to access point). The house has 4 rooms on the ground floor, 5 rooms on the 1st floor and...