Wired APs - Same SSID+Roaming vs different SSIDs+no roaming?


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Hi all,

I currently use a rt-ac88u and recently purchased 2x Rt-ax86u after upgrading my internet speed to 1gbps.

My plan is to use a ax86u as the main router, the other ax86u as an AP upstairs and the older ac88u as another access point downstairs. Both AP will be wired to the router.

(Not daisy chained)
Router => AP1 (wired)
Router => AP2 (wired)

I understand that APs should have the same SSID but different channels in order to allow roaming to work.
My concern is whether roaming will actually work well or whether the AP from downstairs will cling on to clients that have since moved upstairs.

Has roaming improved? Is there a general guideline for settings and how to set up roaming efficiently?

I don't suspect I'll need a 2.4ghz signal as 5ghz across 3 points should suffice, so no need for smartconnect and switching between 2.4 and 5ghz.

If roaming isn't a great idea still, should I have each AP on a different SSID/channel, so the user can chose which AP to connect to? (This wouldn't be possible if all SSIDs are named the same I assume?)

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