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    Google Ads

    I am not aware of a way to block all ads completely on a global scale. Some ads just cannot be blocked with the typical DNS based filtering since the ads are hosted on the domain being used (think youtube).
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    Accessing different subnets (from 192.168.0.x to and 192.168.1.x).

    It might be possible yes. You would have to setup static routes in each of the 2 down stream routers and possibly even the ONT. A better solution would be to Have one router and then everything behind that is switched on the same network. What you are describing is a router behind a router...
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    Yaz Guest wifi

    Probably need to replace the 2nd dns server ip with one of those used by your vpn provider. Check the two boxes force dns and force all traffic out vpn.
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    Cannot flash Merlin on RT-AX56U V2

    I would not count on it. Only Merlin knows what his plans are but I don't recall hearing him post that he would be adding that model. Good luck!
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    Cannot flash Merlin on RT-AX56U V2

    Look at the posts above yours. The v2 appears to be different (a China specific variant) so it does not work with the fork. The post directly above yours gives a possible work around but it wont be a Merlin supported fork from what I can see.
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    CakeQOS CakeQoS-Merlin v2.1.0

    I can second Daves suggestion if you want Cake / piece of cake while getting more throughput then you need different hardware. Ive got OpenWRT running on a protectli fw appliance. Both AsusMerlin and OpenWRT are great operating systems. OpenWRT might take a little more understanding and...
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    LAN LACP/LAGG (802.3ad) Throughput & Balancing Issue

    Have you checked the cpu and system usage from cli both with and without lagg configured on the router? If the drivers are decent the overhead should be small for lagg. Another thing to consider (Merlin is more likely to know the specifics) is when comparing OEM firmware and Merlins fork, they...
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    FlexQoS FlexQoS 1.2.5 - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    Glad you got the outcome you were looking for. For clarity, amtm is a shell or menu that allows you to just click a few buttons to seamlessly download/install any of the various scripts supported. amtm is in the firmware now but that does not mean the applications come installed and ready to...
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    FlexQoS FlexQoS 1.2.5 - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    Yes you want a drive for a swap file. Once you set the router to mount the usb drive in the gui, reboot so it takes effect. Then from the command line you type "amtm" without the brackets. The menu should be pretty self explanatory. I would create the swap drive first in the amtm window.
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    Devices are randomly blocked to access internet

    I am pointing you in the right direction sir or madam. Your issue as stated is with the manufacturers feature, not one Merlin incorporated.
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    Disabling the wifi for the selected client

    You cant implement unless your using Unified acces points. Unified is a brand like Asus is a brand.
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    Time Parental filter can be bypassed by changing the IP address

    The support you can get here are for the features enabled or specific to the Merlin fork. Parental Control is an Asus feature. Not specific to or added by this fork.
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    Disabling the wifi for the selected client

    Its been my experience that roaming (client moving from AP to AP) is really a function of the client device. Most client device vendors have not put good roaming configuration into the devices last time I was trying to optimize the roaming. The best implementation Ive found from a router/AP...
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    ARP resolution issues

    Did you previously run one or both of the APs in router mode and have something like YazFi guest wifi configured? I remember running my router as a router with YazFi and guest ssid's then putting the router into AP mode and the guest ssid's still being present. As if it was still able to at...
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    Time Parental filter can be bypassed by changing the IP address

    Parental controls is an Asus feature and not specific to Merlins fork firmware. As such you need to contact Asus tech support about your findings to see what they can do.