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    AX88U Wifi Troubleshooting

    Hi Guys, So I am after a bit of help. My Asus AX88U is generally speaking running well, I have a ton of IOT devices, iphones, etc connected via various 2.4/5Ghz hotspots, no problems, even my Nest Cameras are rock solid. Where I am struggling is one specific issue with Nest, from my iPhone...
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    N66U replacement...AC86U or AX58U?

    Well, after waiting all sale season with nothing good at all on ASUS routers (aside from the AC86U).....I checked today and the AX58U is still the same price at £199, but the AX88U has dropped £50 down to £254, so that’s not a lot of difference in price from the I think I may be...
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    N66U replacement...AC86U or AX58U?

    Thanks for the comments. I really want to upgrade to an AX router despite owning no AX devices, if this lasts half as long as my N66U then I’ll have it for a long time. There’s not much info out but the AX58U sounds like it may be a bit budget, and perhaps not a AC86U equivalent. I don’t...
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    N66U replacement...AC86U or AX58U?

    I’m lucky enough to have FTTP and I’m still running a RT-N66U, although currently my service is only 80/20 this router is due a change. If it wasn’t for the new AX routers I’d have had an RT-AC86U by now, seems like a fantastic mid range router and does all I need (very little, 2.4, 5ghz and I...