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    Skynet Skynet - Router Firewall & Security Enhancements

    Hi! I want to block certain site that no one can't enter tried, outbound and inbound, browser, ftp, all ports. sh /jffs/scripts/firewall ban domain and all other possible not working still opening the site.
  2. SystemF

    VPN IPsec client under ubuntu for rt-ac88u_wrt

    Hi! After I tried failed and buggy and unstable free cleint recomened by Asus shrew soft, I want to set up connection under ubuntu to my rt-ac88u (with stock firmware), set up strongswan but can't seem to confiturate right, because Asus ipsec is very poor from setting, only main mode no...
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    RT-AC88U drop packets, slow wired speeds

    Recently I've change my ISP. Now I'n on FTTB, the switch witch belong to the ISP is in the basement huawei with 8 10/100 ports, from there cat5e cable to my Asus rt-ac88u. I've experience wired packets drops, on, high latency about 10-15ms + and about 6-7 Mbps slow download on...
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    RT-AC88 wired speed drop

    Uploaded to latest Merlin firmware, begin to download 2-3 torrents speed bare go to 48 Mbps, then begin to drop, high ping appears, iptv stop to work, remove the wan cable, everything works fine, tested direct with cable from switch everything is fine. Any suggestions guys?
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    Vlans on Merlin (mini howto)

    Hi! I don't want to open new topic so will write here, recently swicth to Merlin, average user not an expert so please gyus bear with me. On rt-ac88u i want to do this for iptv: my internet is on vlan 2839 iptv on 546 untagged, the web interface can't set up maually, so i decide it to use...
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    Access client lan from server side RT-AC88U OpenVPN

    Thanks! My client is in office invoirment and other folks respond in the thread recomended to avoid it. Do I have any other alternatives?
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    Access client lan from server side RT-AC88U OpenVPN

    Hello guys! I have home pc connected to rt-ac88u (stock latest firmware) with lan subnet, Set up an openvpn server in the router with subnet When connect the client to rt-ac88u with subnet to i want to be able to reach the...
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    AC86U x2 and AC66UB1 AI MESH unstable -

    Aimesh note rt-ac66u_b1 latest firm, iptv don't wokring set up port 4 on main router, 1st setup box working on rt-ac88u, second on rt-ac66u_b1 won't start, same settings. shame
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    RT-AC88U IPSEC VPN and windows 10

    Its working on win7 and win10 x64 both with Shrew soft, tested, just follow instructions RMerlin posted. The downside is that every 2 hours connection get disconnect its probably some option in the client. Cheers!
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    May 23, 2018 RT-AC88U new firmware 384_20942 available

    Its a public secret that dual wan in load balance mode not working at all in Asus routers, fail over seems to be fine until recent events after latest firmware upgrade...
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    May 23, 2018 RT-AC88U new firmware 384_20942 available

    Dual Wan issue here, when i pull out second isp cable from the router (lan4) and then, plug it back i have no internet access, asus shows that first isp is in cold stand by. Reboot don't fix the issue, turn off/on from the button fix it so far.
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    May 23, 2018 RT-AC88U new firmware 384_20942 available

    Someone tested the iptv, freeze, glitchglitches, etc? OpenVPN?
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    RT-AC88U new firmware version 384_20379 Krack fix

    Running from 8 days 21 hours 29 minute(s) 9 seconds, 222 mb of ram used. Latest firmware, remove the iptv profile. Before the router i plugged 8 port unmanger switch d-link 100 mb (iptv is running on it), still when downloading on max there is a freeze in frames in the iptv. With iptv manual...
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    RT-AC88U vlan tagging

    Thanks for reply! ASUSWRT can't do vlans, tagging and pretty much thats all of it.
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    RT-AC86u can't turn off LED

    Ssame here on old firmware 7743. Did you tried to hold the button more than 3 secs?