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    RT-AX58U slower than ten year N router

    are you connected to the asus router using ethernet? how about other non facebook services? or speedtests?
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    For sale asus ax56u - europe

    for sale asus ax56u, looking to get 80€ for it, I can put it up on ebay if anyone prefers, i'm based in portugal. thanks
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    Asus ax56u - replace or go for asus mesh?

    updating a bit here, so the unifi solution is amazing from a managing perspective, took some minutes to get all the vlans and iot devices split and everything analyzing what's going wrong with the devices is wayyyyyyyy better as you can see packets dropped, retried, signal level etc etc u6lite...
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    IP security camera network

    I have 5 reolink cameras, as my house is old I don't have ethernet everywhere (I now have on the 3 floors but single point per floor) so I had to the IP cameras route the wifi takes a huge hit with ip cameras, but it does come down to how you use them if you just need to look into the cameras...
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    Asus ax56u - replace or go for asus mesh?

    so I have both solutions up and running, the asus ax56u and the usg + usw switch + u6-lite. raw speeds the u6 lite at 80mhz matches the asus ax56u at 80mhz as well (both devices capped at 80mhz), meaning I get around 800mbps at 1-2m away from the AP's, at around 7m, that drops to around 500mbps...
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    Asus ax56u - replace or go for asus mesh?

    thanks for all the comments! just received the U6-lite's but still waiting on the poe injectors and a Flex mini managed router honestly, if it wasn't for my fried to be selling his USG, I would go tp-link way. seems cheaper, I mean, the ER650 for 50€ it's really inexpensive and the AP's seems...
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    AX58U - Wifi unstable with Smart home devices (TP-link HS200, HS105 switch etc...)

    hey! got the same on my asus ax56u, in my case the iot devices that stopped working were some Daiking ac's. but sonoff's with tasmota, shellys and other IOT stuff also started dropping a lot from the network, the only solution was to go back to an older firmware
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    Asus ax56u - replace or go for asus mesh?

    update on this, left the asus as the only router, the devices with the least signal have about -85 which is not good, but they're shellies and the amount of data they need to pass one is very small so they're ok everything seemed to work well, some hiccups but not bad, then i've upgraded my...
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    Asus ax56u - replace or go for asus mesh?

    no changes whatsoever in the networking since july or even before :-) it got better as a decided to add stupid complexity to the network by adding some powerlines on a couple of ip cameras (I had them arround) and with this and replacing another ip camera, I went down from 4 ip cameras on the...
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    Asus ax56u - replace or go for asus mesh?

    hey everyone, so currently I have around 30 devices connected using wifi. my main router is an asus ax56u in the ground floor, then I have a xiaomi router in the first floor (wired to the asus) and I have a repeater in the basement (powerline connected) so as I have several iot devices and...
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    Can't Find Asus RP-AX56. Recommend an alternative.

    I see it available here in Portugal but it's price is up to 130€ which is almost the price of my AX-56u router