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    Any AT&T (or other) Fiber running AsusWRT direct to ONT (bypass)?

    All of this sounds complicated. I just change my WAN VLAN to 35, put in my PPPoE username and password and I'm set. Didn't realize other ISPs made it more complicated than that.
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    Any AT&T (or other) Fiber running AsusWRT direct to ONT (bypass)?

    Yes? For years? I've never even plugged in my ISP equipment, ever. Or am I missing some other setup that you're asking about?
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 is now available

    How can I format the JFFS partition on my 86U? When I apply the format JFFS at next boot setting, the browser barks at the admin name change on the page even if I blank the fields, so I don't know if it's applied anything at all. I've tried several browsers and it's always the same thing. My...
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    As of now, is EXT3 or EXT4 better for USB sharing?

    I've searched a lot of posts but they're mostly old so I was hoping to get an answer. As of today, with latest and greatest Merlin, what's the best file system for sharing? I currently have EXT4 setup from years ago, but I have an opportunity to format it and start over. Thanks in advance!
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 is now available

    Smooth update here on my 86U. Thanks!
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    Can someone please help me dechipher these event log entries?

    Asus RT-AC86U. I get two different kinds that are driving me crazy. I've done a search and a few people have asked, but I've never seen answers. Examples: This one: kernel: jffs2: warning: (749) jffs2_sum_write_data: Not enough space for summary, padsize = -500 and this one: (this one seems...
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    RT-86U slow DHCP resolution? *RESOLVED*

    It's excellent. Network is ready well before I can type in the password at all times now. Glad this is getting fixed permanently, because it was the one mysterious issue that's disappointed me about the new router. All the other devices at home are Apple (and on a Ubiquiti, as I don't use the...
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    RT-86U slow DHCP resolution? *RESOLVED*

    It WORKED! Thanks SO much!
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    RT-86U slow DHCP resolution? *RESOLVED*

    Awesome, thank you! I'll try this as soon as I get home.
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    RT-86U slow DHCP resolution? *RESOLVED*

    Well, my reading comprehension requires me to understand the content, which I don't. The instructions the GitHub give me an idea of how it works, but not how to actually do it as I'm lost without screenshots. Anyway, thank you for your time and help, but I'll just have to wait it out for it to...
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    Issue with Pulse Secure VPN

    I'd like to try this as well. Can someone give me a little help on how to do this? I'm on the router with SSH and the JFFS partition is enabled. Not sure how do make/get the new .conf file on there. Thank you all!
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    RT-86U slow DHCP resolution? *RESOLVED*

    Thanks. That can't be it; I've always had that disabled on all my computers. Super annoying, as even an older (but freshly formatted and SSD) Dell Optiplex 780 is able to boot, auto-login and sit at the desktop and still not have an IP address in time. Is there a command I can put into the...
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    RT-86U slow DHCP resolution? *RESOLVED*

    Thanks for the info! I'm not really sure how to try this, as it looks a bit over my head. Hopefully this fix goes into a future version that will be a bit easier to use for us non-advanced users.
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    RT-86U slow DHCP resolution? *RESOLVED*

    Had this device for a few months. Had stock firmware and now on Merlin 384.4, but the behaviour is all the same. I'm getting slow DHCP resolution on several Windows computers, slow enough that I can log in and get to the desktop and they still won't have a network connection. These are all...
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    [Beta 384/NG] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.3 Beta is now available

    New AC86U owner here, using this firmware. I have all wireless disabled (using Ubiquiti because reasons), but everything is working well! Thanks, Merlin!