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    Best Merlin-supported router?

    Maybe wait for the updated RT-AX86U then.
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    WAN_Connection: ISP's DHCP did not function properly.

    This probably just saved me hours of fiddling. Indeed I either had to wait 60+ minutes (my ISP lease time) to switch over from N66U to the new RT-AC86U. Or, after reading your comment I just spoofed the N66U's MAC on the RT-AC86U's WAN port and boom connected :D thank you Merlin!
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    Broken power button

    After 6+ years this also finally happened couple weeks ago to my N66U. 6x2 LEGO with a straight plane on one side and a good measure of duct tape fixes this within 2 minutes But after a couple weeks the heat gets to the glue and you have to retape it. Now for the third time. Just ordered an...
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    [DSL-AC68U] AsusWrt Merlin builds for DSL routers

    Would it be possible to get it running on the ASUS DSL-AC68VG VOIP model?
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    MIPS encryption unsecure Has this been fixed in the latest Tomato/Merlin builds?
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    Asus RT-N66u with TomatoUSB firmware

    This is pretty much the exact way described in the guide. I followed it exactly and had no problems at all. Important to note is that some cable modems need a reboot or shutdown for a couple of minutes before switching routers because they cache the MAC address and won't recognize the new router...
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    Asus RT-N66u with TomatoUSB firmware

    Hey guys, just wanted to report my experience with the RT-N66U + Tomato Shibby. I'm on a 100/10 German Cable and came from a default DIR-600 which the company provides with the contract. I had connection drops all day especially in IRC and other programs. We got a total of 7 devices in the...