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  1. Volkis

    help needed with setup of aimesh - AX68U + AC68U

    I made a test, even if it's after bedtime, got up, started my computer and tried. This time I've tested connecting the WAN port on my RT-AC66U B1 to the LAN of RT-AX88U, still same firmware, Merlin 386.3_2 and voila it worked. When searching for a node, the node found had an ethernet icon in the...
  2. Volkis

    help needed with setup of aimesh - AX68U + AC68U

    I've tried connect the RT-AC66U B1 to my RT-AX88U at home with the exact same result - failure. I've made a screen print, unfortunately in swedish but the text translates like this: I'ts not possible to add your AiMesh node RT-AC66U B1 to the AiMesh system due to following situations. Check and...
  3. Volkis

    help needed with setup of aimesh - AX68U + AC68U

    To make this thread alive again. I have also had this problem but with real Asus routers. I'm using four routers; two RT-AX68U, one RT-AC68U and one RT-AC66U B1 (running AC68 firmware as it should). All routers are flashed with the latest Merlin 386.3_2. I've started off with resetting all...
  4. Volkis

    YazDHCP YazDHCP - feature expansion of DHCP assignments (increasing limit on the number of DHCP reservations)

    I've also tested to edit the reservations list and the reservations are visible in the GUI, I haven't try to edit or add using the GUI afterwards, but it doesn't seem to have an effect on clients on the other subnet where the devices connect over YazFi (they do get a random IP from specified...
  5. Volkis

    [Alpha] 386.2

    I have the same issue on 386.1_2 on RT-AX88U, so it doesn't seem to be connected to the new alpha version. When selecting Advanced under VPN Details and Apply (no changes) you get the Export button back.
  6. Volkis

    Bridge 4G-AC53U as secondary WAN to RT-AX88U

    Our fibre connection went down at work and in frustration the boss ran away and bought a 4G-AC53U to use as backup. I have tried everything I could imagine to connect it as a secondary WAN connection on the 88’s first LAN port. I’ve installed the latest official firmware revision and tested all...