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    Adaptive QoS Bandwidth Monitor Gauges missing actual numbers

    Right, I saw that as well but thought the scale would just vary within each Gauge along with whatever setting you choose. I guess not though.
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    Every 15 minutes my RT-AC1900P is acting weird

    Could this be as simple as needing to reboot the cable modem? I didn't see that suggestion in there but it's the crown jewel in fixes for most cable ISPs. ;) Sorry, I missed there was a 2nd page to this thread. Glad to see it was resolved. That said, I also miss the days of dumb TVs. I much...
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    would upgrading to a GT-AC5300 from the RT-AC88u allow for greater range with a single router (No aimesh)

    I would tend to agree with this assessment as well. In fact, I thought along the same lines at one point until I tried the AC5300 only to end up returning it due to little or no gain on WiFi. I ultimately decided the best approach for me was to have a separate AP. So I ordered a AC68U (set up...
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    RT-AC68U speeds for hosting (aka what is my bottleneck)?

    Do you have jumbo frames enabled and/or NAT cut through? Is QoS enabled? Ideally, jumbo frames are disabled, NAT cut through is enabled and QoS disabled then test again. This may be obvious, but the router's LAN side only has to switch packets so that throughput will always be substantially...
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    Solved RT-AC86U Ping spikes on 5GHz Wifi

    I would fall back to the firmware that was stable. I've had to do this in the past myself due to instability with the latest firmware and WiFi connectivity. You can find all available firmware to your model here:
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    RT-AC68U speeds for hosting (aka what is my bottleneck)?

    This may help?