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    Asus RT-AX92U (2-Pack) vs TP-Link Archer AX600 w/RE605x Wi-Fi Range Extender

    Ya, I paid around $300CAD for both setups. I've been testing the AX92U setup for the past few days and I haven't run into any issues with it so far. Been testing it using AiMesh with the wireless and wired backhaul. No issues. Merlin would be nice, but not really a requirement because I'm...
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    Asus RT-AX92U (2-Pack) vs TP-Link Archer AX600 w/RE605x Wi-Fi Range Extender

    I'm looking to go with one of the two options mentioned in my the subject line. The cost to me is nearly the same. I need something that can properly cover a 2700 sqft house along with the basement, has good performance, and can handle a family of four (2 gamers and 2 Netflix/sports streamers)...
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    RT-AX92U AiMesh connection slows over time

    I recently purchased the AX92U 2-pack and was reluctant to keep it, but it's performing well beyond expectations. I suspect the October 2021 firmware fixed most of the big issues people were experiencing. Between two floors, this is what my connection looks like over the 5GHz-2 wireless...
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    Release Asus RT-AX92U - New Firmware:

    Got a link to that script? *Edit* Funny... a second after posting this message, I found it.
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    [Fork] Asuswrt-Merlin 374.43 LTS releases (Archive)

    It's been a while since I visited this thread, since I got rid of my AC68R a couple years back. I've since move onto the Ubiquiti stuff. Recently, had a great sale on refurb T-Mobile AC1900 routers, so I snagged one to play around with and to setup at my brother's place. The...
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    Trouble connecting to RT-AC68U 5GHz WiFi (using Asuswrt-Merlin

    Thanks. This fixed my issue. I couldn't connect to my 5GHz band because this was disabled by default.