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    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC3-2 public beta

    I have similar problem with infinitive reboot and my entire network is down. Even hard reset and try to manually configure again. Finally, manage to restore back to production firmware without configure anything!
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    Question about AiMesh AX + AC

    Interesting, I wonder how does the AIMESH handle the WPA2/WPA3! I have similar AX & AC routers at home under AIMESH 2 but no idea how does it work.
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    AIMesh 2 for RT-AC5300 & TUF-AX3000

    any update of beta for RT-AC5300 & TUF-AX3000? 2 months already, it seems unusual for such long time
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    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    The latest version ( not very stable in my environment with AX-68X and TUF3000. The TUF3000 as a mesh node, the wifi becomes not able to connect with password failure until I switched off Smart Connect completely. 2nd Ethernet Backhaul becomes Yellow from Green after a while...
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    Beta ASUS Instant Guard iOS/Android public beta

    replied to join apple test app
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    RT-AC5300 Fixed KRACK

    Thanks, one clarification in WebUI is "Initiate" or "Reload" to perform this?
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    RT-AC5300 Fixed KRACK

    Since I upgraded this firmware, the router hangs frequently (can be twice a day or more), also time to time no internet connection at all. What is the Proper (Best) way for factory reset?
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    AiMesh on RT-AC87U

    Sorry. Really look forward to Aimesh in 87.
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    ASUS RT-AC87U_9.0.0.4_384_110

    After upgrading to this version as AP mode connected to Main router AC5300, I can't find the IP address assigned by RT-AC5300 through the View client screen. No so sure that is RT-AC5300 firmware issue. I found this problem since upgraded to Ai-Mesh firmware.....
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    AiMesh on RT-AC87U

    I have 3 AC-87U waiting for that.. Does it work on Ai-Mesh and latest version?
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    RT-AC68W with FW_RT_AC68W_300438410007 - No AIMesh in GUI?!

    I have the problem after upgraded to latest AC-68U firmware launch few days ago, one of AiMesh node is gone and even Hard rest. it has the same problem of AiMesh menu gone. The one works perfectly with RT-AC5300 before upgrade just hand occasionally. Anyone Can help?