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    CakeQOS WAN packet overhead

    I'm having nearly the same Setup. An AX-58U connected to a Vigor 130 in Bridge Mode (VDSL2 100/50 Vodafone) WAN Connection Type of PPPoE. Here is a Screen of my Settings: Feels very good and snappy but il try your 30 - MPU: 0, Mode: Normal for a while now
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    CakeQOS CakeQoS-Merlin v2.1.0

    Thanks for your opinion, il post my Bookmarks and Sources: Hardware: AX-58U connected to a Vigor 130 Modem in Bridge Mode. ISP: 100 Down / 40 Up (theoretic) VDSL2 from Vodafone Germany and 75 Down and 38 Up (average real value) Everything automatically adjusts every 4 Hour's via AutoBW 90/90...
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    CakeQOS CakeQoS-Merlin v2.1.0

    I need some feedback, i am using an AX-58U connected to a Vigor 130 VDSL & ADSL2+ Modem in bridge mode. My connection is a 100 Down / 40 Up from Vodafone Germany. But from the line, only 75 Down and 38 Up arrive on my end. Are my Cake settings ok or is there room for improvement ? I need it...
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    Wireguard Wireguard amtm installation?

    Wireguard on AX-58U would be awesome. Damn !
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    Speed dropping 100M a day. Reboot works.

    No need to apologize, your post prompted me to update all addons and now the line is running better again.
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    Optimal settings

    AX-58U my actual Setup:
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    I do not quite know what to select at Cake, I have VDSL2 from Vodafone 100/50. A Vigor 130 serves as a modem in bridge mode and the dial-up makes an AX58U behind it via PPPOE. 1. Can someone please help me what to choose from the Dropdown list ? 2. And is 95% based on the theoretical maximum...
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    RT-AC86U or RT-AX58U

    5 Ghz
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    RT-AC86U or RT-AX58U

    Adjusted some of my Settings since Dec 2020. This is my current Setup, and it runs pretty good, at least for me. Recommendation for Beamforming -> Please adjust the Beacon as you like, my devices work pretty well with 200. (Screens...
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    CakeQOS CakeQOS-Merlin v1.0.8

    [email protected]:/tmp/home/root# nvram get wan0_ifname eth4 [email protected]:/tmp/home/root#
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    CakeQOS CakeQOS-Merlin v1.0.8

    [$] /opt/bin/cake-qos status download ######################################################### qdisc cake 8002: root refcnt 2 egress_block 84 nonat nowash no-ack-filter no-split-gso noatm overhead 0 no-sce !!!Deficit 4, rta_len=30000 !!!Deficit 4, rta_len=0...
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    CakeQOS CakeQOS-Merlin v1.0.8

    Somethings wrong with this release. After updating cake-qos from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0 on my AX-58U, internet stopped working completly. Not really any hint in the Log. I had to stop or uninstall cake-qos to get internet connection again. Im on Merlin 384.19. My default cake settings are: besteffort...
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    ntpMerlin The System time zone is different from your locale setting

    Thanks for your help. Changing "privacy.resistFingerprinting" from true to false in Firefox solved my Problem.
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    ntpMerlin The System time zone is different from your locale setting

    Hi, since several Days I get the following Message in Administration -> System -> "Reminder: The System time zone is different from your locale setting." Can someone please check out my Settings if there is something wrong. My location is Germany and to avoid misunderstandings I switched to...
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    Would appreciate Wireless Professional Setting recommendations of AIMesh with AX88U as the root router

    It is possible. Also, I think if you have the same Device as for example: our MacBook for many, many Years as a daily driver and also like tinkering around with Router Settings to find the best/optimal Home Network Settings for personal use. You get a feeling if something feels good or...