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    R7800 SmallNetBuilder Review

    That is odd, DD-WRT has no hw nat acceleration, how come it is faster than stock?
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    Router IPv6 Address Responds to ICMP on WAN - Security Risk?

    Some routers like those from TP-Link, have no SPI Firewall available on the IPv6 connection, leaving some ports visible from the outside.
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    Synology RT2600ac Router Reviewed

    Has anyone actually tried sawing the legs off? Not being able to wall mount this properly is a problem.
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    Custom firmware build for R7800 v. & v.

    Looks like there's a new official firmware version that fixes "security issues". The Netgear page still links to the firmware though, you'll have to manually change the download link to
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    [Article] - MU-MIMO Retest: Six Routers Compared

    TP-Link published a new firmware on 22/06/16 that claims to 2.Improved the MU-MIMO performance. Since it is now a whole year after this article was first published, maybe a Retest Round 2 is in order? ;)
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    RT-AC87U running hot.

    It is normal, the Broadcom cpu is still on 40nm(higher profit margin?), comparable Qualcomm cpus are 28nm and therefore cooler.
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    Custom firmware build for R7800 v. & v.

    Not just the message but rather preventing the 5GHz radio from allowing non ac clients to connect. The Up to 1733 Mbps selection would still broadcast 802.11a/n frames and allow a/n clients to connect to it .
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    Custom firmware build for R7800 v. & v.

    Is it possible to change the default Wifi Mode setting from "Up to xxMbps" to something more conventional like n only/n+ac/ac only? It would be nice to lock down the 5GHz to ac only operation.
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    R7800 New Firmware

    I have never seen any other router manufacturer updating their OpenSSL library in a firmware update before. In fact when it comes to security patches, seems like only Netgear and Asus are routinely fixing them in firmware updates.
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    R7800 New Firmware

    Those are some serious security flaws, especially the remote management one. Good to see Netgear actively closing them.
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    TP-LINK Archer C9 Reviewed

    Here: And I asked them too, here was their reply: Thank you for choosing TP-LINK, This is Cara from TP-LINK Technical Support. I am sorry to let you know that the Archer C7 does not support the SPI Firewall over the IPv6...
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    TP-LINK Archer C9 Reviewed

    Can anyone confirm if the C9 comes with a SPI firewall for the IPv6 connection? I have the C7 and the SPI firewall is only for the IPv4 side.
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    TP-LINK Archer C7 Good for IPv6?

    Is anyone using the C7 on IPv6? The SPI Firewall does not seem to be working on IPv6 connections. Running this port scanner with the built in windows firewall turned off results in a lot of connection refused and some open ports instead...
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    Wireless speed dropoff with Intel AC7260 Wireless Card.

    The latest Pro comes with the Broadcom BCM94360CD 3 stream chip with 3 antennas. Would beat the crap out of the 2 stream AC7260 any day. :D When comparing with N cards however, the Intel 6300 card is quite comparable to MacBooks with a Broadcom equivalent iirc.
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    Wireless speed dropoff with Intel AC7260 Wireless Card.

    The 53xx and 6xxx wifi cards were good, not so with the 7260. There's a really long thread over at notebook review discussing issues with the card. Seems like it's pretty unreliable over the 2.4GHz band.