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    QoS Packet Scheduler + 802.1q packet priority

    Hello everyone. Windows 10 Ethernet adapter has 2 QoS related settings : QoS packet scheduler and 802.1q packet priority. These are on by default. I’ve gotten a better experience disabling these function however I notice most people don’t. my ISP router says it supports 802.1q packet...
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    ROG AX6000 Realtek 2.5?

    Any idea what netduma xr routers use?
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    ROG AX6000 Realtek 2.5?

    Anyone know if asus uses different Ethernet chips in their routers esp the ax6000? Is the 2.5 port realtek and the rest intel?
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    Best Dual band AX86u or wait for next model ?

    You know that routers operate under FIFO queues aka first in first out. It doesn’t detect anything. Unless it has DSCP or TOS underlying QoS which I doubt as I don’t see it anywhere in the manual for any asus router ever. So you’re “automatic” theory is incorrect
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    AX86U LAN 1 gaming port QoS?

    Finally an asus rep spoke on the gaming port.
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    SPI firewall disable

    Hey so , I don’t want my router to be pingable but I also don’t want SPI. Is SPI the dos protection setting? Or would I need to completely disable the firewall?
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    Can you please elaborate? Every level must have DSCP? If we assume all servers have it, That would mean all we need is to make sure it’s our device generating the packets attach DSCP and our router also uses DSCP
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    So device level aka DSCP tagging via QoS Scheduler and the router must have DSCP tagging as well
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    Is it better to enable DSCP at the router level or device level (QoS packet scheduler on Pc)
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    Apparently the new G3100 does DSCP Tagging throughout the Verizon network See image how can I take advantage of this? Does packet scheduler on the PC Ethernet settings have anything to do with it? Not sure if it uses Dscp? or is this one of those situations where VZ is forcing us to use...
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    What firmware are you using. The 10GBPS port doesn’t even light up. Also no supper for fullcone nat is WAXCK
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    The 10G port doesn’t even work for me. Regardless of what firmware I’m on. Slow lan speed as far as buffering on devices that I’ve NEVER had before with any gigabit router. Not even fullcone NAT support. Just lazy from asus tbh
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    Revert back to 384_2 series. 386 is NOT stable
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    Ax89x disappointment…

    Tried the ax89x for 2 weeks. nothing but packet bursts on the new cod…. something is probably not ready w this router. I got excited when I say that 2.2ghz processor: something makes me think asus firmware is not good.
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    Release RT-AX89X Firmware

    Is the .23012 more stable than the newer firmware?