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    RT-AX88U distributes itself as a DNS when set up otherwise

    Unbound is just switching the DNS resolution task from someone else (your ISP, Google, CloudFlare, etc.) to your own router. The requests are still sent in the clear, the meta data just aren't captured by a third party resolver (like Google DNS for example, if you use them, they have some info...
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    RT-AX88U - DHCP limit is it 64 or 128 devices?

    At that number of devices, what's the point with manually assigning the DHCP lease? Just let the DHCP server do its thing...
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    Stability of Asuswrt-Merlin vs Stock Firmware

    Should just be a tab that says Statistic when you click on Traffic Analyzer. Are you on a 384.x firmware?
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    Can't Login to GUI

    So this happened to mine when I first installed 384.17. I turned off Statistics under Traffic Analyzer and it's been over a month with no GUI crashes. I think that feature is the culprit, for whatever reason.