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  1. DJxLight

    Asus GT-AX6000 Random Disconnects 2.5gbit Port

    Hey all, new here of course. I have exhausted all my options and asking for assistance. My Routers 2.5gbit Port randomly disconnects every day a couple times here and there when I am gaming/browsing and I am trying to figure out where it is exactly linking to. All other connections are fine...
  2. G

    Slow Speedtest when AX86U is plugged on 2.5Gbe

    Hey everyone! Hope you're doing great! I just got the FTTH on my flat (5Gbps down / 700Mbps up) and my ISP router have 2.5Gbe port. So I genuinely plug the ISP Router 2.5 to the AX86U 2.5. Everything with CAT 7 cable. Router print 2.5 link speed so everything seems ok. If I plug my...
  3. H

    ASUS AX11000 or Archer AX11000

    Guys, what do people here think about TP-Llnk? Can they make good products? This Archer AX11000 is newer release [I think September 2019] vs ASUS, so it probably has some bugfixes and maybe even [maybe, who knows] will get WiFi 6E update. Mainly it has 8 port switch over 4 in asus, it also has...