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  1. S

    NTP updates not occurring 380.58 (ASUS RT-AC3200)

    Didn't see anyone else with this problem. So, I tried to work with it for a few days myself... Maybe I am still doing something wrong. When connected via VPN client, The time is never updated... As soon as I disconnect VPN Client, the time is immediately updated. (pool.ntp.org) Not a big deal...
  2. F

    QoS broken with firmware 380.58 on ASUS RT-AC66U

    I have been using QoS successfully with the past several versions of the firmware. After upgrading to 380.58, the router CPU core is maxing out at 100%. At first I didn't know that the router CPU was maxed out, because after submitting my username/password to the web interface, the router would...
  3. M

    Issue after update to 380.58

    Router is Asus RT-AC66U. IPTV doesn't work when WAN is PPPoE. If WAN is Static IP then IPTV works fine. The original firmware (2016/01/28) fixed Multicast issue when WAN is PPPoE/ PPTP/ L2TP. After click button Apply changed options router thinking very long time and login out...