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  1. J

    AX88U QoS not limiting upload speeds

    I recently purchased a AX88u and installed 384.16. My ISP speeds are 350 down and 30 upload. Set QoS to adaptive: fq_codel: upload 25: download 330:. Using dslreports, download is being limited (good bufferbloat) but see no change on upload (bad bufferbloat). Tried setting in traditional QoS...
  2. clayhans

    AX88U Router i.p. address problem

    I have an Asus RT AX88U Router with Merlin 384.16 firmware connected to my modem as my main router. I have another AX88U set up in another room as a Media Bridge. This router works fine in media bridge mode with four devices attached to it. The main Router AX88U connected to the modem shows...