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  1. I

    AC86u Setup query - VPN, Diversion and Netflix

    Hello, I have tried to avoid starting a new thread, but there are some queries I have that I cannot find the answers for. First, a massive thank you to those who have contributed to these threads, which helped me to setup my router: Setup my AC86u using M&M config...
  2. Cor Kroon

    Fixed: Can't change settings on Administration-System page on RT-AX88U in 384.17

    Maybe I'm simply doing something wrong, but I remember this working differently in the past... I run two RT-AX88Us, one as router, the other as AP. Both are on the release version of 384.17 and work fine in general. Kudos for the Merlin firmware! However, when I try to make changes to the...
  3. C

    WiFi disconnects with RT-AC86U Asuswrt-Merlin 384.17

    I have been running Asuswrt-Merlin 384.17 for a few weeks on an Asus RT-AC86U router and I have been getting WiFi disconnects. The wired connections work fine but WiFi drops out when a device starts using the connection. The devices connect fine but then when starting to use the WiFi...
  4. M

    Asus RT-AX88U - USB Harddrive

    Hi, I have a RT-AX88U with the latest Merlin firmware (384.17) and have a harddrive connected to the USB, after a restart of the router, the harddrive is discovered and I can use it to read and store data, but after some hours the harddrive is disconnected and I can't reach it anymore. The...