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  1. U

    A couple of questions regarding the implementation of RGW:No and Exclusive DNS (386.4)

    Hi! First I will describe my config, and then the problems that I encountered when upgraded from version 386.2_2 to 386.4 The router is used as a gateway to my work network. The connection is made using OpenVPN, here is a part of the client config: When connected, the server pushes routes...
  2. E

    Malicious site blocking still working?

    Hi. For a few months now I have not been seeing any blocks being reported under malicious site blocking under AI Protection. I reset it to clear the count in late summer and from there on it has been 0. I thought maybe it was broken or maybe a new update would fix it. It used to be a...
  3. J

    386.4 on my RT-AX56U completely shagged wireless communication with my printer (canon MP640)

    So.. I know this isn't going to be very helpful (yet). But i've just spent about 3 hours on troubleshooting this shirte and i'm in no mood to dig into this issue any deeper (yet). Tl;Dr.: My (admittedly, very old) canon MP640 completely stopped working with the asuswrt-merlin 386.4 update. I...
  4. N

    386.4 breaking 5GHZ wireless network on RT-AX88U

    I had to roll things back to .3_2 because .4 was breaking wireless access on 5GHZ. This is a stock unit, no frills, just a laptop cooling pad drawing power to keep things chilly. I shut down DNSSEC because my phone and tablet refused DNS, only connecting to router and nothing else. I'm going...
  5. Darkmagister

    problem wifi lightbulb after update to 386.4

    Hello, i've a RT-AX58CU and i've updated from 386.2_6 to 386.4 and after the update i get some disconnection from the wifi with 2 lightbulb (only this 2 that are the same model of xiaomi/philips white lightbulb) i don't know why these two they stay connected but after a few minutes they becase...
  6. A

    386.4 incorrectly shows that internet is not connected on RT-AX88U

    Just updated my RT-AX88U to 386.4 The web UI now shows Internet status: Disconnected and the Internet light on the router itself is red. However, I'm connected fine and internet is working. Has anyone else seen this issue?
  7. S

    Strange thing happening with router

    Hi All, Before I upgraded to the latest firmware 386.4 I had 386.3_2 on my AX88U and all of a sudden I lost internet connection. Found that the NTP server stopped syncing which is strange because the last time it happened I changed my ethernet cable and all was fine last year and a half. So...
  8. L

    Release RT-AX89X Firmware

    https://www.asus.com/Networking-IoT-Servers/WiFi-Routers/ASUS-Gaming-Routers/RT-AX89X/HelpDesk_BIOS/ Change log: Issues reported by other users this forum: GPON SPF issue (reported by nadias-jp) "Upnp: too many files open" (reported by me) Known fixed issued from beta version...