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  1. H

    Replacement for Asus N66?

    Hi all, Looking to upgrade my N66 now that most of our devices support AC. Have had no complaints with the N66 over the years on Merlin firmware, so that leads me to consider Asus again, but definitely open to other options. Needs/uses are fairly simple: * I have a Synology NAS hard-wired...
  2. E

    Checking and adjusting TX power

    I have a brand new ac 1900p that I'm using strictly as an AP. I'd like to know where to check the current TX power settings and make a change (within acceptable parameters) if possible.
  3. N

    [Solved] Avahi-daemon causing AC-1900P to become virtually unresponsive, consuming ~50% CPU

    I know this question has been asked before, but the responses didn't help. Basically this is our problem After our router has been on for around about 5 minutes, the avahi-daemon starts freaking out and starts taking up immense amounts of CPU. This goes on for hours before calming down, before...