ac 5300

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  1. R

    RT-AC5300: Cannot find current or new firmware

    Hey all, today I checked for new firmware versions for my router, and apparently there is quite a big jump from 3.0 to 4.6: However, when clicking on the "4.6" label, no information loads (even after 15mins waiting time). On the ASUS website I cannot find any of the...
  2. WQ6N

    AMPRNET 44/8 Domain IPIP Tunnel and RIP44D for RT-AC5300 ?

    I was trying to figure out if I could install the Amateur Radio AMPRNET rip44d on a ASUS RT-AC-5300. I would be following the guidelines for OpenWRT: Is this possible to have a IPIP protocol 4 capability on this router running Asus-WRT...
  3. A

    AC5300, AX88U or AX11000 which is best

    Hi, I am seriously looking for an upgrade from my old Linksys router I was reading different reviews and issues related to the above ASUS routers in this forum couldn't make a final choice. I want to use this router for my home with multiple wireless devices (not for gaming) Can someone please...