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    Aimesh on RT-AC56U

    I have been upset that the rt-ac56u was not included in the routers that would support Aimesh since it is very similar to the rt-ac68u and decided to try and get it to work. I was able to install the rt-ac68u firmware to my rt-ac56u and it has been working in my Aimesh setup for a few hours now...
  2. A

    2.4Ghz wireless mode "auto": defaulting to Ch. 14; can I disable 12-14?

    I am using HGG's 380.59.1 fork on my RT-ACU. We are getting a range extender, but for the time being, have a very weak signal downstairs. Trying to optimize it but still get all of my devices to connect. The problem device is my Brother HL-L2380DW, which runs on the N standard, but it only runs...