2.4Ghz wireless mode "auto": defaulting to Ch. 14; can I disable 12-14?

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I am using HGG's 380.59.1 fork on my RT-ACU. We are getting a range extender, but for the time being, have a very weak signal downstairs. Trying to optimize it but still get all of my devices to connect.

The problem device is my Brother HL-L2380DW, which runs on the N standard, but it only runs on 2.4Ghz. It works when I have mixed mode enabled, but not if I choose "auto" channel. It seems to default to channel 14 (which I didn't even know that my modem supported). Also, I have an old Roku 3, an N device, and I can't get decent bandwidth on any channel except for 161 (which was suggested by Roku C/S).

Picking a fixed channel wouldn't be a problem for me at all, except that we are in an apartment building where it appears that all of our neighbors are set to "auto" channel. Meaning that if I set 1, 6, or 11, every other day my devices (all of which but the Brother and my Roku 3 are AC), searching for a strong signal on the 2.4Ghz band optimized for distance, get a very degraded signal because all of my neighbors are on the same one and they therefore run unworkably slow. If I pick "auto," everything perks up, but I'm back on 14 again, and this seems, from troubleshooting, to be the problem with the printer connecting with the network.

Is there a way I can disable these higher channels? Alternatively, is there an optimal mode that will work for both my Roku and my printer, without forcing me to set it to a fixed channel?

I do see something under WAN > DDNS that implies that there is another way to configure a client to connect. I know nothing about this. Is this possible?

I'm attaching shots of the 2.4 and 5ghz screens as set for a good connection, my client list (which shows the Brother printer isn't connected), and in case I'm using the wrong terminology, the shot of the DDNS screen to which I refer.

Thank you!


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try unchecking the b/g protection option. also, does the wlan report show anything useful about the printer?
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Ok; I unchecked b/g, and both my printer and Roku are working! The GUI shows both clients and I was able to use both wirelessly.

Thank you! Just curious, what did this do?

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