ac5300 firmware

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  1. D

    AC5300 Updated Merlin to latest version slowed internet

    I have an Asus AC5300 and it has worked great for years. Today I updated Merlin firmware to version 386.3.2 Immediately after update was complete I checked and my internet speed has slowed to about 300 Mbps. I was getting 930 Mbps before the update. I've checked QOS is all disabled, and can't...
  2. mark_lon

    GT-AC5300 problems with firmware

    Hi, I just wanted to seek advice. I started having problems with my router when the new firmware was installed (no problems before). First the second 5Ghz interface disappeared (the router didn't even show a channel for it in the 5G-2 menu), I sent feedback to ASUS but got no reply. Then the...